Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hello, 2016! ♥

Hello everyone~

  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!  

I am really glad I can finally write this blog post! Um actually on New Year's Eve, I had a super horrible headache and my whole body aches as well, that is why I could not even see the fireworks! Ughh it was really annoying to start this new year by getting sick.
But thankfully I feel so much better now, so today I am going to share about my new year's resolutions as my first post in 2016.

2015 had a lot of ups and downs, but I would have to say it was still a good year for me. I have learned many things from 2015 and I have grown a lot as well - especially after I turned 20 years old, my point of view has changed drastically and yeah.. I think.. I was a bit more mature. But I will turn 21 in 4 more months OMG I am really getting old >_<

Umm to be honest, I could not achieve all of my last year's resolutions, but I personally think that they were really helpful to always remind me to be a better person, to get rid of my bad habits, etc throughout the year. That is why here I am making another list of my resolutions and goals for 2016.

  1. Be nicer to myself, and always be a better person. I am trying not to be so hard on myself, less complaining, always be grateful, more confident, forgive and forget, learn from my mistakes, and be more cautious in the future not to repeat the same mistakes,
  2. Live a healthier lifestyle. My immune system is so weak, and I got sick very often (Once in 2015, I got sick once in a month for 5 consecutive months!). So now I am trying to eat more healthy foods, avoid sugary/salty/oily foods, drink more water, cut out caffeine, get enough sleep (I stayed up too late almost every night), and exercise regularly.
  3. Mantain a 3.0+ GPA in college! I am trying to be more creative, think outside the box, and I will do all of the assignments and projects in the next semester as best as I can. I hope I will get better scores!
  4. Be a better Blogger. Okay I know this is going to be very hard, since I am still really bad at time management. I was always busy with my college stuff, and I usually could rest only on the weekends. I hope you guys understand, but I will try my best to find a spare time on the weekend to update this blog (I will try to publish a new post at least once a week), and I will post more often during holidays (end of December to early February, and end of June to early August).
  5. Earn money, and save up more money. I am planning to start a new small business this year, so I hope everything will run smoothly and succesfully. And since I could save quite a lot of money last year, so I will try to keep saving more money in this year!
  6. Know when to leave laptop or PC at home. I have spent countless of hours in front of my laptop every day - from morning until.. dawn. I use my laptop or PC to do almost all of my college assignments, to watch movies and Korean dramas, and also to play games (especially otome games - yeah I am still obsessed with them until now!). So I am trying to step away from my laptop or PC when I do not really need them, and rest my eyes.

Okay, that's all for today's post! I am definitely excited to see what 2016 has to bring ^^
And once again, Happy New Year! May 2016 will be a much better year ahead, filled with health, wealth, happiness, success, and beautiful memories to all of us and our loved ones!

P.S : I would love to know 1 or 2 from your list as well, so just feel free to share your resolutions in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day ^^

See ya~


  1. Hi Lala ^^
    I'm really understand how busy we are when the college start, we lack of time for finishing all assignments and there's no time for touching our blog .. but you're still great!!
    Had 37 posted in 2015 in your busiest days ^^
    anyways, good luck for your business and your college ^^

    1. Iyaa sedih bgt ya jd anak kuliahan kyk kita gini, sampe jarang punya waktu nganggur T_T
      Thank you Christa ^^

  2. Semoga tercapai semua yaa La resolusinya! :D

  3. waa kangen kak lala, tambah cantik ajaa :)) semoga tercapai resolusinya kak XD

    1. Ah bisa aja km dek, makasih yaa hehe.. Iya amiiiin :)

  4. amin amin semoga tercapaii resolusinyaa

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