Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Korean Dramas I've Watched in 2015

Hello everyone! ^^
I think some of you guys might already know that I am a Korean drama lover..
Yeah I am too addicted to watching K-dramas, and I can not help it LOL. That is why I decided to post a list of all the Korean dramas that I have watched last year, I am also going to share my thoughts and my personal ratings with you guys.. So yeah this is not a beauty-related post, and I think this is going to be a quite long post~

Well.. there are some K-dramas that actually aired at the end of 2014, but they are still included in the list because they finished in 2015. And actually there are a few more drama series that I have not come around to finish watching - whether it is because I got bored, forgot, or still currently airing in Korea, so of course I did not put them in the list below.

And oh, I think my personal ratings and thoughts might be different from yours, mostly because of our own personal taste, but I hope this still helps for you guys - especially if there is a K-drama that you have not watched, but you are interested to watch it.. is it really worth a watch?
I will also try to be more careful not to give spoilers away in this post kkk~




This super-hype drama is entertaining.. It had action, humor, and intrigue into a drama. I think the story itself was okay, but not that 'great'. And unfortunately, I think the ending scenario was a bit abrupt, because I was expecting it to be much harder to take down the villain. But yeah the handsome Ji Chang Wook is definitely a plus point LOL.


This drama was totally all about vampires, surgeries, and of course.. blood. It had a unique story line. But I think the leads appeared a bit awkward with each other in the early episodes. The ending was also quite confusing, and almost all of the characters were dead ugh.

Who Are You: School 2015

Every episodes of this drama were interesting and filled with tension, Kim So Hyun also did a good job portraying two roles in this drama. But umm since I have experienced second male lead-syndrome, I was a bit disappointed with the ending. But this is still one of the best high-school dramas that I have ever watched.

I Remember You / Hello Monster

This drama was more focused on crime, and there was not a lot of romance. It had a unique plot, full of mystery, with a lot of twists, and the cast of this drama were great as well. But I think the ending was a bit confusing.

The Producers

To be honest, I did not really enjoy this documentary-style drama. I got bored in the middle, so I stopped and tried to continue watching after the last episode of this drama finished airing in Korea. I think the only reason why this drama got attention was because of the cast.

Orange Marmalade

Actually, the sudden period change to Joseon era in the 4th episode confused me at first, but I finally understood after I watched this drama until the last episode. However, I have read the webtoon version, and yeah this drama was kinda disappointing and a bit far from my expectation.



Kill Me, Heal Me

Hands down.. this is one of my favorite K-dramas in 2015! Okay I have to admit, this drama was a bit boring and confusing at the beginning. But actually the story line of this drama was amazing, and the plot was full of twists. I also love Ji Sung's acting, it was great how he portrayed 7 different personalities in this drama. I laughed a lot because of them - especially Ahn Yo Na, and I also cried when each of the personalities disappear one by one at the end. I really enjoyed watching this drama!

Shine or Go Crazy

Actually this historical drama was nice.. I like the entire story of this drama, but unfortunately the ending killed it. I was disappointed because it was a sad ending. However, I still gave three stars out of five for the other 23 episodes, except the last one. So if you still want to watch this drama, go ahead, but do not expect too much for the ending.

Angry Mom

This was a good drama, the story line was great, full of life lessons, and the cast were good as well. Ahem, since I was choosey and sensitive about the ending.. I have to say that the ending of this drama has passed! Overall, I really enjoyed watching this drama.

Warm and Cozy / Jeju Island Gatsby

Actually the story of this drama was simple, light and predictable, but I surprisingly enjoyed watching this drama. I also enjoyed watching the cooking-tutorial part at the end of almost every episode. And oh, this drama was filmed in Jeju island, that is why the scenery was so beautiful.

She Was Pretty

This drama was so fun and entertaining to watch, I laughed a lot - especially because of Siwon's character, he was so funny! The story line of this drama was actually simple, but it had a deep message about friendship, family, honor, finding your true love, working attitude, etc. And the chemistry of the cast was really good as well. So yeah this is definitely one of the best K-dramas in 2015!



Birth of a Beauty

Actually this drama was good in the beginning, but there were some points that was a bit too exaggerated, and the story line just went downwards after a while - that is why I got bored, but I still managed to finish this drama. The ending was okay, though.


This was a great romantic comedy drama, and I have re-watched this drama twice last year! I think the story line of this drama was interesting. All of the characters in this drama did a pretty good job, and the chemistry between the leads was amazing as well.

Hyde, Jekyll, and I

This is not one of the best dramas I have watched in 2015, but I think it was still nice to watch. The plot of this drama was quite good, But I think they should have ended this drama at 16th episode, because that was when it started to get a bit boring for me.

Heard It Through the Grapevine

I think this drama is really worth the watch of 30 episodes! This was a great black comedy drama, and I (surprisingly) really enjoyed watching this drama, because I was hesitant to watch this drama at first - I thought this would be a slow melodrama LOL. And oh, I also love how they did not just focus on the relationship of the leads.

The Girl Who Sees Smells / Sensory Couple

I know that the plot of this drama was not perfect for a crime/detective-genre drama, with the slow pace of the investigation, etc. However, I think it was still interesting and (sometimes) thrilling to watch this drama. I also really love the couple in this drama, they were both very cute~!

High Society

There were a few parts of this drama that was boring. And to be honest, I think the chemistry between the leads was a bit weak.. but I really love the second lead couple! And oh, I also think that the ending scenario of this drama was too rushed.

Yong-Pal / The Gang Doctor

I think this drama was not all bad, but it certainly was not that good either. The plot line might be off in somewhere, and the title of this drama was not suitable, because it seemed like the story was more focused to the female lead, when it was actually supposed to the male lead (Yong-Pal).

The Village: Achiara's Secret

This was a great mystery drama with intense and thrilling story line, it was also unpredictable and well-written. I was impressed at how the story twists at every turn. There was not even a single second to be bored of! And yes, there was NO romance in this drama. The ending was so touching, with a sad and painful truth.. but unfortunately, there were still some questions left unanswered.



Ex-Girlfriend Club

The story line of this drama was simple and a bit flat, but this romantic comedy drama was still entertaining to watch! It was sweet, romantic, and funny. The chemistry between the leads was so natural and heartwarming as well! I was sad when I knew this drama was cut down to 12 episodes.. I think the story would be nicer if the series had continued to finish at episode 16.

Oh My Ghostess

I love this romantic comedy drama! The story line of this drama was simple, but fresh and interesting.  I also could not help but to laugh in every funny scene. I think all the cast did a very good job in this drama, and the great chemistry between the leads was no joke.


I think this drama was nice, but this is not something that I would re-watch. The story line of this drama was nice, but too light and a bit slow to me, and it was predictable as well. But the chemistry between the leads was awesome, they really cute~!


Web Dramas

Dream Knight

To be honest, this short-series was not really worth the watch - except if you are a huge fan of GOT7. I got bored in the middle of episodes, but still managed to finish this. The story was quite nice, but there were a few holes in the plot - especially for the last episode.

Dr. Ian / Dr. Mo Clinic

Although the story line was a bit weak, but it was still a nice web drama, and I still enjoyed watching this short-series. Their acting skills were okay as well.

EXO Next Door

This web drama was like a live action fanfiction, and I think this was basically a fan service. The story of this web drama was not too special, but I still enjoyed watching this short series - especially the funny scenes between Sehun and the female lead's brother~!

We Broke Up

Actually I have not read the webtoon version, but the plot of this web drama was pretty entertaining, and the acting skills of Seung Yoon and Dara were surprisingly quite good! I also could not help smiling while watching this web drama.

The Secret Message

This was a nice and fun short-series to watch, although the story of this web drama was arty and sometimes a bit boring. But I love their idea of joining Korean and Japanese actors in a drama. TOP also did a pretty good job in this web drama.

By the way, any recommendations are appreciated~!
And oh, please just feel free to share your favorite Korean drama in the comment section below, because I would like to know what is your favorite ^^

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

See ya~


  1. waaaah berarti kamu nontonnya pas semua lagi tayang ya? keren banget..
    soalnya aku kalo udh fokus sama satu drama gak bisa nonton yg lain.. harus selesain itu dulu kalo gak ke campur aduk dan akhirnya bingung sendiri hahaha..
    hmmm.. hyde, jekyll and I kurang yah.. padahal hyun bin & ha ji min yang main... dan aku sempet pengen nonton the producer juga karna si gong hyo jin dan kim so hyun.. tapi memang banyak yang bilang rada ngebosenin..
    next mau coba oh my ghost & kill me heal me deh.. :D
    thank you rekomendasinya..

    1. Iya kebanyakan aku nontonnya pas msh tayang, tp ya gitu ga enaknya jd sering ga sabar tiap minggu nungguin eps berikutnya wkwk
      Wah kalo nonton fokus di 1 drama gt sebenernya lebih enak sih, jd bs lebih menghayati critanya, ga kecampur2 sm drama laen xD
      Iya sama2, coba kalo ada waktu tonton deh, dua2nya bagus kok itu :))

  2. WHOA, you watched a lot of dramas! I think I watched like 2... and I didn't even finish 1. LOL. #failkorean. Anyways, I'm really interested in the "I heard it through the grapevine" drama! I know my parents watched it, and they enjoyed it. Definitely looking into watching that... HAPPY NEW YEAR, BTW!!!
    Junniku blog! (What I got for Christmas)

    1. Haha I know, I think I've been watching too many K-dramas last year! I just couldn't stop watching, because they were so addicting LOL.
      Yeah I recommend you to watch it, it was a good black comedy-drama, and I'm pretty sure you will also enjoy it~!
      Happy New Year ^^

  3. wow you watched so many kdramas! I only watched like 3 or 4 dramas from this list! I really enjoyed school 2015 too, I love Kim Sohyun a lot these days because she's so lovely and cute!! I didn't really like pinocchio tho and had to stop in the middle of it because it was a little boring and I don't like the acting of Park Shin Hye that much.

    Mindy ♥

    1. Hehe watching K-dramas is one of my favorite hobbies :D
      Yeah I agree with you! Kim So Hyun is so cute and talented, I can't wait to watch her new movie with D.O ^^
      Ah I think I understand what you mean, Park Shin Hye tends to play similar characters in most of her dramas, and she cries way too much.. I wish she would play different characters on her next projects.

  4. lala you're awesome kamu nonton banyak sekali dramanya > <
    I agreed with you for give 5 starts for Kill Me Heal Me !!! alasennya sama bener-bener takjub sama acting park ji sung created 7 personalities, ak juga nangis kok pas semua kepribadiannya pergi satu persatu, bisa ikut ngerasain feel nya hohoho ..

    yongpal - setuju banget! Judul sama ceritanya agak ga nyambung meski diakhir si cyhntia bawa yongpal tetep ga nyambung lol tapi overall okelah ceritanya klasik dan suka sama akting si joo won walau kadang akting di good doctornya masih kebawa ..

    buat ex-gf club nya aku sukaa sama chemistry TOP nya cumaaa ga suka sama jalan ceritanya ak ngerasa si writer kehilangan arah gituu mau dibawa kemana wwkwkkw ..

    yang lainnya masih ongoing nontonnya wkwwkwkk
    sering-sering bikin list gini dehh laaaa ^^

    1. Soalnya nonton drama itu hiburan satu2nya tiap lg stres kalo banyak tugas :P
      Iyaaa kill me heal me bagus ya, pdhl dulu awalnya aku nonton cuma gara2 Ji Sung sm Hwang Jung Eum maen bareng lg, soalnya aku suka bgt pas mrk maen di secret love :D
      Haha aku sempet berhenti di tengah2 waktu nonton yongpal gara2 bosen, tp akhirnya ku lanjutin lg. Iya tp msh lumayan seh itu critanya.
      Kalo ex-girlfriend club nya mungkin gara2 eps nya dipendekin kali ya, jd otomatis mrk hrs ngebut ngurangin script nya secara dadakan, trs jalan crita nya jd ikut ngaruh deh.
      Em mungkin nunggu dramanya biar agak banyakan dulu kali ya, jd kayaknya taun depan baru bs bikin list kyk gini lg wkwk xD

  5. favoritku si she was pretty dan oh my ghostess.... aku pengem nonton kill me heal me tapo entah kenapa teraendat terus :(


    1. Iyaa setuju, 2 drama itu bagus ya :))
      Wah coba kalo ada waktu lebih ditonton, eps pertama emang agak mbingungin sih, tp oke kok itu critanya hehe :D


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