Sunday, June 8, 2014

[Closed!!!] Lala & Xiao Vee Collaboration Giveaway



Hello everyone~
Today I am back with a new giveaway to all of you! Yay! Are you guys as excited as I am?
And I have partnered with my friend whom I considered as my older sister, Xiao Vee
to host this collaboration giveaway ^^

So, we are giving away 2 different prizes from Etude House and Holika Holika. Psst.. they are our most favorite Korean beauty brands, so we really hope you will love our choices as much as we did ^^

There will be 2 lucky winners, and make sure to let us know which prize do you want to win in the Rafflecopter widget below, because we will pick the winners based on their choices! And yeah this giveaway is open internationally, so everyone can participate.

1st Prize : Etude House Goodies
1 pc Dear Girls Vitcara Long & Curl Mascara
1 pc Eraser Show Line Remover Stick
1 pc Fresh Cherry Tint (color of your choice)
1 pc Minnie in the Nail Glitter (color of your choice)

2nd Prize : Holika Holika Goodies
1 pc Aqua Petit Jelly Watery Cheek (color of your choice)
1 pc Jewel Light Marble Cushion Eyes (color of your choice)
1 pc Heartful Moisture Lipstick (color of your choice)
1 pc Pastel Nails (color of your choice)

You simply must follow my blog and Xiao Vee's blog via GFC publicly to join this giveaway, then just fill out the Rafflecopter widget below~
And oh, please read the instructions carefully before submitting your entries!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway will officialy end on July 8, 2014 -- July 15, 2014.
Well.. we decided to extend our giveaway for another week, so it means that you will have a chance to get more entries~!

We will randomly pick out 2 lucky winners, and we will announce the winners on our blogs. The winners must claim their prizes within 2 x 24 hours after the announcement!

And you can use the HTML code below for your sidebar ^^

Please be honest and do not cheat, or you will be disqualified because we will definitely check all your entries! And if you have any questions, just feel free to leave a comment below ^^

So what are you waiting for, girls??
Especially if you love Korean makeup products, make sure to participate in this giveaway!

Good luck everyone!! 


  1. thank you for this giveaway! semoga blog-nya semakin rame dan suskes terus :)
    i really want to try holika holika product^^ hehe
    oh iyah pas di bagian prize 1 or prize 2 aku lupa comment email>< email :
    country : Indonesia^^

  2. Aku join giveaway-nyaaa :)
    Wish me luck! Pengen nyoba prize no. 2 hehe XD
    Blogpost menyusul ya.. :)

  3. Thanks for this giveaway, wish me luck ^^

  4. Join ya sis, thank you for this amazing giveaway ^^

  5. Thanks say sudah adain giveaway ini, semoga banyak yg mampir ke blognya dan banyak yg dpt informasi seputar beauty product krn sgt bermanfaat sekali ^^ #xoxo GBU..

  6. Aku mau Holika-holika. Makasi ade & xiaove yang udah adain giveaway^^

  7. thanks for the giveaway, sista

  8. Good luck everyone~! <33

  9. Wow the prizes are awesome.Nice collaboration.You are both pretty bloggers.

  10. join ya ,...
    giveaway nya bagus... semoga menang

  11. Aku ikutan ^^ Terimakasih :*
    Semoga bisa menang~

  12. Entered ^^

    FB: Lisa Cipollina

  13. thanks for chance!

  14. Amazing giveaway!
    I cross my fingers!
    Thanks you for these lovely prizes!

  15. joined!
    great giveaway dear :)
    wish me luck!

  16. thanks for giveaway
    FB: anita give

  17. thans for giveaway. i really wants holika holika goodies>< too bored using etude product wanna try something new xD

  18. So sweet girls and you and the giveaway! Thank you!!

  19. hore ahkirnya ikutan giveaway nya, hahaha
    keep be beauty blogging ya cie

  20. joined already :D Semoga bisa menang XD Thank youu ^^

  21. Hello
    I have a question, I need to follow you and put the giveaway link in my blog ?
    Just this ?

    1. Hi, sorry for my late reply! You have to follow my blog and Xiao Vee's blog via GFC, and just fill out the Rafflecopter widget above, and you can also gain more entries! Good luck :) xx

  22. love the giveawat especially #2 hope to win it :)

  23. I want #2 Turkey

  24. Done, thanks you for the fantastic giveaway

  25. Really excited to have the opportunity to win one of these prizes~

  26. Done! Thanks for this great giveaway!!

  27. Hi dear! participated delighted! Greetings from Colombia.

  28. Sista thank you ya buat acara giveaway nya.. semoga blognya makin rame dan makin banyak followers nya :D.. this such a great giveaway :*

  29. JOINT...JOINT :), tapi aku gak punya instagram jadi gak ke isi full deh :(

  30. Hai hai aku join giveawaynya~ Aku pengen banget yang #2~ Wish me luck ya!!

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