Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tutorial: Zombie Makeup

Happy Halloween everyone!!
Today I am going to share a zombie makeup tutorial to you guys~

Um actually I had planned to upload this makeup tutorial video a few days earlier, but at the end I was super duper busy with my college tasks until I did not get enough sleep ughh. And yeah I just edited the video this morning - on Halloween day. I am so sorry for the late upload, but I hope you guys still enjoy this makeup tutorial. And oh, I hope this tutorial may be helpful for next year's Halloween, maybe? LOL.

In this tutorial, I was using DIY latex and fake blood. It is very easy and cheap to make your own latex and fake blood, and you can easily find all the ingredients at your home!
To make DIY latex, just mix some peel-off face mask with a few drops of your liquid foundation.
And to make DIY fake blood, just mix some honey, red food-coloring and soy sauce.

Umm I was talking in Bahasa Indonesia in this video, but I will put English subtitles as soon as I can, and I will update this post~!


Well, I am not a pro in the field of special FX makeup and I am still learning, but I think this zombie makeup look is much better than my previous zombie look that I did 2 years ago hehe ^^

So what do you guys think about this makeup look?

Thank you for reading this post!

See ya~


  1. wow that looks really great ^^
    Happy Halloween =)

  2. waa seeereeemm tp keren makeup nya.... ^^

  3. Great tutorial~! The makeup looks amazing <33