Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Review: Shara Shara Petit Friend Tint Balm - #PKO1 Crown Pink

Hi hi everyone!

Today I am going to review Shara Shara Petit Friend Tint Balm to all of you ^^

Actually I got this product from ce Rini as a gift when she visited South Korea a few months ago, thanks a lot ce! Umm well, I have helped to re-design her blog template (the current one) -- which was simple and still far away from perfect, since I am an amateur and still learning, but I was so glad she like it.. And oh, do not forget to check out her amazing blog HERE, she is truly beautiful inside and out~! kkk ^^

Product Description :
This unique tinted lip balm comes with an inner crown that contains the more-vibrant colored lip tint. The lip balm contains mango seed butter and avocado oil that deeply nourishes dry and chapped lips. (20 g).

This product is available in 3 different shades :
PK01 Crown Pink, RD01 Crown Red, and OR01 Crown Orange.
And as you can see, I got mine in the pink one.

Ah yeah the packaging of this product is super duper cute and adorable, right? Each shade comes with a different 'Petit Friend' character on its tin~

The crown part in the center is actually a lip tint in balm texture, and the rest is a tinted lip balm. This lip product has a nice sweet scent, and I think it smells like strawberry jam.

Well.. this product is unhygienic, and I also really hate to dip my finger into the product. That is why I prefer to use one side of a Q-tip to swipe the lip balm on my lips, then I use the other side for the lip tint -- to keep the product always clean and germ-free.

It provides a buildable color. You start with a sheer color with one swipe, and apply more to make the color becomes bold.. not as bold as lipstick or lip tint la, but I could say that the color of the lip balm is slightly more pigmented -but still in a natural way- than other tinted lip balms that I have tried before--until I was at the point where I prefer to apply a lip concealer on the edges of my lips after I apply this product to make a gradient lips, and I think it looks more natural and cute for my daily makeup look LOL.

It is very moisturizing for my dry and chapped lips. It also gives a sheer glossy effect, but unfortunately it is a little bit sticky and heavy at first.

The color and the glossiness stays on for hours, but they will disappear after eating or drinking.. however it still leaves a slight hint of natural pink on my lips, which is nice.

Overall.. this product is actually pretty nice and I often use this product, especially when I am lazy to apply makeup. But I think I have to control the amount of the product that I scoop out with a Q-tip, because I always apply too much (oops!) - which makes it look bolder on my lips, and heavier as well haha.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day, girls ^^

See ya~ 


  1. oh so sweet packaging!!!
    Thanks for sharing~

    let's follow each other?My new post♥

  2. Woah, the lip tint is actually very pigmented! Cute idea for a lip balm hehe.

  3. ahhahaha jd malu ada namaku di post ini XD
    lucu banget ya crown nyaa..
    ga nyangka warna pink nya lmyan kluar :D
    aku suka bgt sm packaging Shara Shara, La *.*

  4. You have such nice lip shape :) I have the orange one and they feel so sticky so I gave it away >.< I do love how the color came out from yours, love the pink! Really didn't expect it to be so pigmented!