Thursday, January 29, 2015

Review: Bigen Prominous Hair Color - Light Copper Blonde

Umm it is been quite a while since the last time I have dyed my hair.. around 5 months ago, I guess. But my ugly roots were showing way too much, and since I will get back to uni next week after a super long holiday (almost 2 months!), that is why I think it was just the right time for a new hair color! So, I decided to try out Hoyu Bigen Prominous Color a few days ago.

Since I did not really like dark hair colors, and it was so hard for me to find the lighter shades in the market (I could not wait to purchase it via online), that is why at the end I bought this product LOL.

Shade :
Light Copper Blonde

Price :
IDR. 85.000

To be honest, I did not even know this product is actually exist haha, because the only Bigen's hair-dye product that I know is just their black powder hair-dye, which is very popular in Indonesia for almost 30 years, and commonly used by older people to cover their gray hair.

This hair-dye product is only available in 7 different shades :

1-0 Natural Black, 3-0 Natural Dark Brown, 4-0 Natural Brown, 5-43 Light Mahogany Copper Brown, 6-5 Dark Mahogany Blonde, 7-35 Golden Copper Blonde, and 8-34 Light Copper Blonde.

And as you guys can see, the shade that I have chosen is Light Copper Blonde - which is the lightest shade of this range~

They claim that this product contains 5 special ingredients (eucalyptus oil, evening primrose oil, grape seed oil, functional amino acid, and marine collagen) to nourishing and illuminating our hair, with mild floral scent and less harsh odors.

From the color chart below, my latest hair color looks very similar like the middle one. And this is the main reason why I became hesitant to use this product, because it would turn out darker. So I decided to use this product only on my black roots to re-touch them, and I expected my roots to turn out like the right picture in the color chart below.

All of the informations and instructions are very clear, with those useful images and dual languages (English and Bahasa Indonesia).

The kit includes a bottle of cream developer, a tube of cream colorant, a plastic comb applicator, a pair of plastic gloves, and an instruction leaflet.

Yes unfortunately it does not come with any conditioner, when some other brands even provide a pre-color serum and a conditioner inside! So yeah, I have to use my own conditioner duh.

So here is my previous hair color (pardon my roots ugh!). I was using L'Oreal Matrix in Blonde without bleaching 5 months ago, which I did at a hair salon.. and I think the color was still quite pretty until today - although it has faded LOL.

I left it on for 30 minutes. It has a mild floral scent and a very-minimal ammonia scent (not as strong as other hair-dye products that I have tried before).

Surprisingly it does not dry my hair out, and I also noticed that it makes my hair become more shiny. But unfortunately, the color looks a little bit uneven on my hair ugh.

The color does not look very obvious under room lighting because it looks darker, but it is very visible and it looks reddish under the sunlight or bright light.

( Left : Indoor | Right : Outdoor )

Verdict :
I am quite satisfied with the quality of this product, and I am okay with the color result..
But yeah I do not plan to dye the rest of my hair with this product for the time being, because they do not have many light shades to choose, so the choices are severely limited. Duhh I wish they add more shades! >_<

 Plus points :
- Affordable.
- Easy to use.
- Minimal ammonia scent.
- Does not dry out my hair.
- Makes my hair look more shiny.

 Minus points :
- Conditioner is not provided.
- The color is not too accurate.
- The shade choices are limited.

So, have you tried this hair-dye product before?

Thanks for reading this post, and have a lovely day ^^

See ya~ 


  1. I think it came out really cute!! Shame they didn't include a conditioner, though!! That's one of my favorite parts about box dye is the special (I assume lol) conditioner that comes with it. ^_^

    1. Hehe thank you, I am glad to hear that ^^ Yeah me too! That is why I was very disappointed when I know that they did not provide a conditioner inside the box >_<

  2. wah bigen ini merk semir rmbtnya papaku juga, kirain cm warna item doang La :p

    1. Haha sama ce, aku juga taunya cuma yg bubuk warna hitam itu doang xD

  3. I don't like the apply form that go on dye boxes, I apply them like in hair saloons.
    The colour is pretty, it'll look better when you use it more times :3

  4. br tau ada merk ini la hahaha XD
    merah sekali ya warnanya *.*

  5. Hai Lala..salam kenal. Baru kmrn cobain ini tapi kok akar nya tetep lebih gelap ya warnanya..padahal Uda dipakai utk akar duluan selama 20.menit terus pakein bawahnya 20 menit lagi