Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review: Etude House Oh Happy Day Hand Bouquet Rich Sugar Hand Cream

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to share a review about my current favorite hand cream from Etude House to all of you.. Oh Happy Day Hand Bouquet Hand Cream~

There are 6 different types of scents available.. Rich Sugar, Rich Vitamin, Rich Collagen, Rich Cotton, Rich Water, and Rich Butter. All of them are so cute, right? *w*
And as you can see, I bought mine in 01. Rich Sugar.. Umm actually I was confused and
I just randomly chose this scent based only on the packaging, yeah because the color of
the packaging is pink LOL.

Description :
This is a hand cream with a cotton candy scent of a spring day full of sunshine.

Direction :
Apply frequently whenever hands feel dry.

It contains 25 ml of the hand cream and I bought it from Tester Korea only for 3000 Won!
It is super cheap, right?

And there is also a list of the ingredients on the outer plastic seal~

It comes in a squeeze tube like other hand creams, and the cap is made from plastic.
The packaging is so cute and attractive with some prints of those candies and pennant flags on it. And it is very travel-friendly, so you can carry it around wherever you go.

This hand cream is quite thick and rich but easily absorbs on my skin, without leaving greasy or sticky feeling. Yup, this is a perfect hand cream for hot and humid days of summer yay!

And about the scent.. OMG it smells amazing! Actually I am typing up this review with my blocked up nose ughh so I can not smell properly, and it is so hard for me to describe the scent of this hand cream, but I will describe it based on my memory LOL. It has a sweet scent of cotton candy with a hint of floral scent. And do not worry, it is not too overpowering.

It moisturizes very well and it makes my hands so soft.. but it only stays for about 2 to 3 hours, so you need to reapply it whenever your hands feel dry, which I did not mind~

This hand cream is definitely worth a try! It is so cheap, it has a cute packaging, it smells so good, and it does a good job. So, I highly recommend you to try this hand cream!
Now I am interested to try the other scents, umm maybe the Rich Cotton one? *o*

So, have you tried this hand cream before?? ^^


Short daily life update :

OMG I still can not believe that I reached 1000 GFC followers yesterday woohoo~!
It means a lot to me.. a massive thank you to all of you! But to be honest, I feel so guilty because I have neglected my blog lately and my blog was rarely updated this month,
I am truly and deeply sorry.. I have caught a cold last week and I lost my blogging mood. And oh, sorry I could not share any makeup tutorials this month because my face was breaking out so bad, but fortunately my face is so much better now. So yeah I promise to myself that I will be more productive next month ^^

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day, girls!

See ya~ 


  1. Hope you get better from your cold and congratulations for reaching 1000!
    The hand cream looks so cute and I could almost smell it when you were describing it, it must smell wonderful.


    1. Aww thank you so much dear ^^ Hehe yeah it smells so good >w<

  2. Omooo I need this hand cream >u<!! ohhh and congrats♥ you really deserve it! ^^

    1. Yeah you should try this hand cream ^^ Aww thank you so much ♥

  3. It looks so lovely!! Congrats for your followers ♥


  4. hehehe I generally end up grabbing stuff just for the packaging. So glad it worked out! ^_^ Sounds really nice.

    1. Hehe yeah I am glad I bought this hand cream! This is worth a try ^^

  5. ga pernah nyobain hand cream sebelumnya tp yg satu ini kayaknya boleh juga apalgi aq suka bnget klo yg aroma nya soft... btw cepet sembuh yaa la... Owh ya congrats lho ud 1K followers dan aku juga nominasikan kamu dalam Sunshine Blogger Award yaa... hehe...


    1. Iya wanginya soft banget ce, wajib nyobain deh hihi xD Thank you ce ♥

  6. thank you for review~ very intresting, i always would like to try something by etude house, but i cant make a choice ^^

    my blog

    1. Yeah you should try this hand cream, this is worth a try ^^

  7. Etude House packaging is always so adorable*-* Thanks for the review Lala! x

    1. Yeah, I really love Etude House packaging ♥ You are welcome Emily ^^

  8. Thanks for the review, i was looking for a hand cream and I think i will try this, i love etude house!

  9. did some ants attracted to ur hand?? hahaha, kidding, i wanted to try hand cream but i still confused about its usage

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