Friday, April 18, 2014

Miracle Oily Acne Cure Facial - Miracle Aesthetic Clinic

As promised, today I am going to share about my first facial experience in Miracle Aesthetic Clinic to all of you! The clinic is located in Kertajaya Indah (Surabaya), and you can click HERE to read my previous post about the clinic tour if you have not read it.

A consultation should be done first before the treatment, so I have consulted with
Dr. Debby about my biggest skin problem -- yup, acne! and I asked her for an advice on what kind of treatment should I use to treat acne.. as some of the treatments that you wanted to do might not be suitable for you. And she advised me to do Miracle Oily Acne Cure Facial and acne injection, but I rejected the last one because of my needle phobia LOL yeah maybe next time~

Miracle Oily Acne Cure Facial is a facial treatment for those who have oily skin, mild to severe acne, premature aging, and skin pigmentation problems. This treatment combines a facial with an organic peel, and don't worry.. this treatment is safe for sensitive skin!

So, this is an ideal treatment for those who want to get rid of these skin problems :

Reduce oiliness, large pores, blackheads, whiteheads, papules, nodules, pustules, and hyperpigmentations.

The single aesthetic room that I use was very nice, clean and comfortable~
And oh, Miracle Sterilization Program is a plus point that I really love! So, they are really concern about hygiene and the health of their customers, that is why all the machines and other tools are always sterilized! And guess what.. they always provide a new sponge, towel and extractor for us, and even the clothes and the hair cap are disposable!

The beauty therapist always washed her hands with hand soap and sprayed a hand sanitizer before she touch my face, and she even asked me to use the hand sanitizer
before and after the treatment!

So.. the beauty therapist started by removing my eye-makeup with a cotton swab,
and cleansing my face~

Then she applied a kind of mask on my face for about 10 minutes to smoothen my skin and open up my pores, so the extraction would be much easier and less painful afterwards. And she also offered to massage my chest area while waiting, which was quite relaxing~

Oh by the way, some pictures without my watermark in this post are belong to Miracle Aesthetic Clinic ^^

Then followed by extraction~~ Actually the extraction itself took almost an hour..
So it took me more than 2,5 hours to finish 
this whole treatment! OMG my back was in so much pain ughh, and yeah this was the longest facial that I have ever done!

Umm honestly I was too lazy to go to facial lately, and I think my last facial was about.. more than 6 months ago if I am not mistaken LOL. That is why the extraction took me a very long time, even the beauty therapist kept saying sorry to me and told me to hold onto the pain LOLOL. So yeah, these are the blackheads and whiteheads on my face!
Eww gross!!

And after that, she use a sterilize machine to sterilizing my face after extraction~

Then she applied 3 LAYERS of natural organic peel all over my face. It is made from fermented black glutinous rice and some other active ingredients such as lactic acid, salycilic acid, etc which helps to improve blood circulation, regenerate dull skin, relieve the redness, and dry out the pimples.

And pardon my weird expression haha.. The peeling was very sore, hot, and itchy for about 1 minute after the application on my face ughh! But fortunately they provide a mini electric fan to make it less sore haha.

Then she use Blue Light, which works as an anti-bacterial for acne~

After that, she applied anti-acne ampoule and cream all over my face~

And yup, facial is not complete without mask as the last step kkk~
So, she applied a thick layer of peel-off mask on my face for about 20 minutes.

After the treatment, I noticed that my skin was slightly brighter and softer. But as usual.. the first 3 days after facial were the worst, because my face turned so red due to the extraction ><

And my current skin condition is way much better now, the redness was gone yesterday but unfortunately my face is full with facial wounds now ughh I wish those wounds would start to heal really soon without leaving scars, and yesterday I still found 3 new zits on my face.. But I think it is normal la, it requires at least 3 to 4 treatments to get the maximum result, and moreover I have severe acne ><

And here is my picture with the friendly beauty therapist, oops sorry I forgot her name~

And last but not least, my picture with the lovely Jennie~
She is the corporate marketing of Miracle Aesthetic Clinic Surabaya.

Thank you so much Miracle Aesthetic Clinic for the awesome opportunity ♥
It was a really great experience for me ^^

And don't forget to support Miracle Aesthetic Clinic :

Thanks for reading this post, and have a great day!

See ya~ 


  1. aku juga dpet perawatan yg sama la... emang skit bnget ps extraction smpe mw nangis rasanya... >.< tp aku ga sampe 2,5 jam sih krena pas peeling nya cm 2 layer aja... hehe.. nice post la... ^^

    1. Wah iya ta ce? hehe *tosss~* Iya sakit tapi untung aja aku tahan banting (?) wkwk :P Iya soalnya aku males, udah jarang facial jd lama bgt sampe pinggang sakit semua xD Thank you ce <3

  2. Will you be going back for more treatments? i would love to see the overall outcome of them!

    1. Yeah I will back for more treatments in the next 2 weeks, please stay tuned ^^

  3. Aduh kayaknya sakit banget ya extraction nya la >.<
    aku ga tahan kalo terlalu banyak yang dipencet2 haha.. Syukurlah komedo ku ga terlalu banyak..
    peel-off mask nya aku cuma sekali :D hehe

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