Thursday, April 17, 2014

Miracle Aesthetic Clinic Tour ♥

Hello everyone~
I was invited by Miracle Aesthetic Clinic Indonesia to visit one of their clinics in Surabaya (Kertajaya Indah) a few days ago. So today I just want to share about my tour at Miracle Aesthetic Clinic - Kertajaya Indah to all of you. And I decided to split this up into 2 posts, because I took a lot of pictures there LOL.

If you live in Indonesia, I am sure you have already heard about Miracle Aesthetic Clinic. They are known as one of the leaders of aesthetic clinics in Indonesia with more than
17 years of experience (since 1996 -- omg!). Now Miracle Aesthetic Clinic has 4 branches in Surabaya and a lot of branches in some of Indonesia's biggest cities such as Jakarta, Bali, Semarang, etc.

Well, I think the interior design of this clinic is quite fancy and comfortable~
And the receptionists are quite friendly and polite to greet and welcome the visitors.

These are some of their skincare products on display beside the reception desk~

When you are waiting for the treatment, you can wait in the cozy lobby area~

Don't worry.. there are some magazines, newspapers and a television available in the lobby area, with free wifi! And oh, there are also some free drinks (water, coffee, tea)
if you are thirsty.

And you can buy some snacks or other beverages in the mini cafetaria~

So, these are the consultation and aesthetic rooms on the first floor~

Consultation room~
You can consult with the doctor in this consultation room, but yeah somehow this room is quite small and plain in my honest opinion.

Single aesthetic room~
This is the room for any facial and peeling treatments. And yeah this room is super cozy to pamper and relax yourself hihi.

Couple aesthetic room~
This is the room for the facial and peeling treatments as well, but as you can see.. there are 2 beds in this room, so you can have a facial treatment together with your best friend or family.. and I think it would be so much fun, right?

And oh, there is also a waiting corner on the second floor with the same facilities as the downstairs~

And these are the consultation, laser and medical rooms on the second floor~
As you can see, the lighting on the second floor is much brighter than the first floor due to the sunlight, but yeah I personally prefer dim lighting on the first floor kkk.

Medical room~
This is the room for any medical procedures like aesthetic surgery, auto-cell thread lift, botox, filler, etc.

Laser room~
Yeah this is the room for any laser-based treatments.

Consultation room~
Actually I have consulted with the doctor about my skin problem in this consultation room on the second floor.

Oh actually I have also visited one of their branches in Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya 3 weeks ago with ce Jennie, she is a corporate marketing of Miracle Aesthetic Clinic Surabaya, and actually it was my very first visit to Miracle Aesthetic Clinic. And ughh sorry I did not take any pictures because I forgot to bring my camera at the time.. but fortunately she kindly sent me this picture of me, ce Jennie, the manager and the doctor ^^

Psst.. I will post about the second part of this post, which is about my first facial experience in Miracle Aesthetic Clinic as soon as possible -- umm maybe tomorrow, hopefully! So, please stay tuned ^^

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Thanks for reading and have a lovely day, girls!

See ya~ 


  1. I'm curious about the facial. ^^

    1. Oh actually I have already posted about the facial yesterday, so please kindly check it out ^^

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