Thursday, October 31, 2013

Event: Shiseido Beauty Workshop

Hello everyone!
Well, last night I attended a Beauty Workshop by Shiseido at The Grand Palace Department Store in Grand City Mall with my fellow Beauty Bloggers from Surabaya.
Err okay who does not know about Shiseido? Shiseido is a famous Japanese high-end beauty brand! So I was very excited, and yeah it is been such a long time since the last beauty event that I have attended lol XD

Well, I went to the mall with my parents. I was so hungry but I did not want to be late, so I decided to eat a burger and some fries from Wendy's as fast as possible for my dinner. Ughh I broke my no-fast-food diet after 2 months! *blaming myself* >__<

And after I arrived at the place, there was only ce Sabrina alone, and I was like "Ehhhh.. where are the others?!?" And they were still eating lol I blamed myself for the second time because I was too hurry and panic without an obvious reason meh -__-

And a few minutes later, ce Shelvi and 3 other participants arrived~

In addition to their Beauty Workshop, they also held a mini makeup competition for us. They provide some Shiseido's makeup products on our table. Compact foundation, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, cream eyeshadows, eyeshadow palette, mascara, blush palette, and lip palette.

Actually they told us to come with our bare faces, but oh come on.. I seriously can not go out without doing my terrible eyebrows! But in the end, I decided to swipe them off with ce Sabrina's makeup remover lol thank you!

And the MUA for this Beauty Workshop is Ms. Yukiko Kanemune. She is the Japanese beauty expert from Shiseido Japan! Omo I envy her flawless skin *o*

To be honest I did not really pay attention to her explanations, because she spoke in Japanese while the translator did not translate her words clearly, and her makeup steps were too fast for me >__<

So, this is the final result of the model~ She looks gorgeous, right? *o*

Are you curious about my final result?? Unfortunately there was no eyeliner on our table, so I stole ce Shelvi's eyeliner lol thank you! Anyway, do you like my braided bangs? kkk

And the winner of the makeup competition is one of the non-Blogger participants.
I did not know her, but congratulations!

And accidentally.. ce Glory, Zellyn and I were wearing clothes with almost-similiar mint color lol XD Oh by the way, pardon an annoying yellow band-aid on my right arm, it was just a small scratch meh!

And yeahh we took a lot of crazy selcas after the event finished lol XD

Me, ce Yen2, and Olin~
And agh I just realized that I did not take a photo together with ce Yen2 and ce Mindy,
I mean.. just the two of us ughh, sorry >___<

And last but not least, the group photo of us.. Beauty Bloggers from Surabaya~

From left to right :
Me, Yozellyn, Xiao Vee, Lina, Glory, Mindy, Caroline, Sabrina, Shasha, Shelley, Yennyca


Well, each of us also got two goodie bags~
One from Shiseido, and another one from The Grand Palace! Thank you so much ^^

So, these are what I got from Shiseido~

- Shiseido Perfect Rouge Parfait - Rouge Parfait lipstick in RS612 (mini)
- Shiseido Body Creator Aromatic Bust Firming Complex (sachet sample)
- Shiseido Advanced Body Creator Aromatic Sculpting Gel (sachet sample)

And I got a pretty black lace makeup pouch from The Grand Palace~

Well, a massive thank you to The Grand Palace and Shiseido for inviting me! ♥

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day, girls~

P.S : Happy Halloween ^^

See ya~ 


  1. Cantik semuaaa :3
    Bagus la poninya kamu gituin *namanya apa tuh?*

    1. Hehe makasih yaaa <3
      Itu namanya braided bangs, banyak kok tutorialnya di youtube ^^

  2. bisa pas yaaa bajunya mint 3an XD
    iya poni nya lucu digituin la~ :3

    1. Haha iya kebetulan itu, awalnya aku juga ga nyadar lho XD
      Aiih makasih yaa <3

  3. lalaaaa.. nanti aku mau minta bbrpa fotoh yah :* Hihihi... makasiii~ :*

    1. Okeee ambil aja ce, apa sih yg enggak buat ce sab? wkwk XD

  4. seru banget kayaknya hehehee :) coba bandung ada acara kayak gt yah :(

    1. Wah di surabaya juga jarang2 ada event ce, yg paling sering jakarta tuh >_< hehe

  5. bagus la braided bangs km.. hihi..
    alis km kyny ga brantakan kok, masi brantakan punyaku XD
    warna lipstik d goodiebagnya kerennn <3

    1. Hehe thank you ce <3 Waduh alisku menceng lho wkwk :P
      Iya warnanya lumayan bagus tapi sayang banyak glitternya >_<

  6. minta foto yg qta berdua nya aja donk laa... hehe... :D