Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[Closed!!!!] Lala's Giveaway ♥



Hello everyone!
I am back with another giveaway, and this one is probably my last giveaway for this year.
Well.. a massive thank you to all of my lovely readers for your supports, it really means a lot to me, and yeah I can not live without you guys lol. And as my gratitude to you, I promise I will host a giveaway as often as possible next year kkk~

And these are the prizes that you can win :
Etude House Alphabet Mask Sheet - Bulgarian Rose
Holika Holika 3D Aura Bright Patch
Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream
Etude House Secret False Eyelashes #01
Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush - Peachy Sweetie
Etude House Shini Star Lip Balm - Peach
Etude House Juicy Pop Tube - Cherry Soda
Vivelle Hello Kitty Hand Sanitizer - Yoshi
The Body Shop Gift Cube - Sweet Lemon
L'Occitane Volumizing Shampoo (sample)
L'Occitane Volumizing Conditioner (sample)
Etude House All Day Strong BB Cream (sample)
Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream (sample)
Skin79 Gold BB Cream (sample)
Masami Shouko Oil Blotting Paper
Masami Shouko Black Round Cleansing Sponge
Daiso Pink Ribbon Accessory Case
Pink Bow Hair Accessory

There are 18 products in total, from some Korean and Western brands. And all of them are brand new. Yeah I know they are not too fancy, hope you understand because I am not rich lol, but I hope you will like them!

And yes, this giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY!
I will send out the prizes to you wherever you are! To be honest, this is the main reason why this giveaway has been delayed for quite a long time, since I have to save up my money for the shipping cost later lol

To enter this giveaway, you must follow this blog via GFC and Bloglovin',
then just fill out the Rafflecopter form below~

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will officialy end on December 1st, I will randomly pick out the lucky winner, and the winner will be contact via EMAIL and have 2 x 24 hours to respond,
or I will pick a new winner.

Please be honest and do not cheat, or you will be disqualified!
I will definitely check all your entries one by one~

And you can use the code below for your sidebar ^^

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will answer as soon as possible ^^

Good luck everyone!!! 


  1. aaaa thanks for the giveaway laaaa
    ikutan yah :D

    1. aih baru baca *u*
      email : chelchellatte@gmail.com
      commentnya ak suka sama blog designnya lucuu :D bunga2 gitu berasa vintage2 gitu hehe <3 banyakin tutorial lagi laaa niru2 kpop gitu, seneng bacanya :DD

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  2. Amazing giveaway, Lala :3 I love ALL the prizes!
    I love the cute graphic of your blog! I would like to see haul & FOTD / EOTD posts 'cause I love it!
    Federica [ federicacossuu(at)gmail(dot)com ]

  3. i love graphic of your blog!

    enter me


  4. yayy..semoga aku beruntung di giveawaymu kali ini La.. lol

    email : dewieaprillia@rocketmail.com

    comment :
    hmm.. jujur deh aku suka sama cara tutorial kamu di video, sama produk2 yang kamu review.. Tapi paling suka sama video2 kamu.. aakkk pengen gitu bikin video kayak kamu.. tutorial edit video yang paling tokcer donk La..hahhaa
    masalah layout sih ga begitu kurang kok, sudah cantik, suka deh sama postingan kamu.. isina lengkap dan informatif :D

  5. I really like reading your blog! You always have really interesting posts :)

  6. sheriberrix@gmail.com

    I like the layout of your blog, and your k-pop looks!

  7. irene_widya@yahoo.com : first time in my mind : girly and pinkish blog-style!! ^ ^ i think its suitable for your age. The contents of your blog are complete enough fullfilled 5W1H! :)

  8. Email : erywicaksana@gmail.com

    Blog nya cantik , desain nya simple dan enak dilihat. gak bikin mata sakit . hehehe
    aku juga suka tutorial2 yg kamu buat. :)

  9. rinirinudtabby@gmail.com
    blognya sweet banget deh, hehehe :)
    terus isinya juga lengkap, ada review, tutorial, lengkap deh pokoknya
    overall aku sukak sama blogmu!!!

  10. Oh my goossh this giveaway is amazing! *-* Thank you so much for hosting it(: Really hope I win hehe, the announcement is the day before my birthday as well lol>_<

    I personally love your posts at the moment, I especially like reading all the makeup tutorials you do, they're always so fun and good! Just keep doing what you're doing and I'll be happy hehe^-^ x

  11. i like your blog, honestly i do. but i don't know why i find it a little odd that you don't smile in many of your photos.! it would be lovely to see you smile!


  12. mi piace la grafica

  13. i fall in love with your blog since i read your bimbimbap post, i know your blog concept is beauty blog, but i really love your food post, can you make more post about korean simple post? because it's quite difficult to find korean food's post that contain with indonesian ingredient like you do.. so pleaseeee more cooking post la... ^^ maybe you can post about jajngmyun latter

    dini rokuda: sparklepinkygirl@gmail.com

  14. yey yey yey!! thanks for sharing this awesome giveaway internationally!! great products! Loved it!! ^_~

  15. ikutan laaaa :)

    hmm, aku suka reviewnya, jujur dan lengkap hehehee kedepannya bisa lebih dibanyakin postingannya ya, aku suka tutorial dan review kamu

    Email: wind.atree@yahoo.com

  16. khryza1022@yahoo.com
    your blog is super nice.

  17. rolfnna89@gmail.com
    I love your blog it's cute and I love reading it coz it helps me a lot.

  18. nadet_badet@yahoo.com
    A super girly look blog, so cute. More poWer

  19. jessica_ie@yahoo.com
    Maybe how to make variate your wig style? :D
    and the tips to keep their longetivity?:D
    bcs i wanted to buy a wig but idk how to keep it clean and nice and i want to braid it or even perm it.. is it possible? and maybe share your tips about them^^
    thanks Lala<3

  20. I think your blog is amazing and super nice! My brazilian friends love you!
    email: the_umbrella_of_glass@hotmail.com
    Laura Azevedo xx

  21. He Lala,
    this giveaway is so generous of you, I really like this blog and have for a while, your reviews and make up tutorials are always my favourite so I would like to see more of them. Thank you :)
    email; kai.clith@live.co.uk

  22. email address: lalalovesleep@gmail.com
    Aku suka sama blog kamu karena rapi, bersih, dan tulisannya nggak bikin mata sakit ngeliatnya. hehehe... terus suka sama tutorial-tutorialnya, cuma kalau bisa style make up tutorialnya yg lain mungkin selain ulzzang style? Soalnya aku lihat rata-rata tutorialnya agak mirip-mirip.. ^^ mungkin make up yg lebih ekstreme?

  23. Joined !
    email : house.schoonheid@gmail.com
    kritik/saran :
    Aku suka lihat tutorial video / foto kamu jelas banget! Bikin lagi video tutorial korean makeup,fantsay makeup dll :))
    Thankyou for the giveaway :))

  24. I like your make up look and style ..
    So korean style one ;D
    Hope to see more make up or skin care tutorial
    Btw thank you for this giveaway ;)
    Hope could win some of it

    email : tjen_silvia@yahoo.com

  25. Email: noix.de.coco1013@gmail.com

    I love your korean makeup tutorial..
    Please do more!!
    Love your blog design too, simple yet cute
    You're awesome <33

    Thank you for the giveaway :D

  26. anyajang@hotmail.com

    I would like to see more skin care products reviews. Thanks for the giveaway^^

  27. I love your blog!
    The design is sooo cute <3
    I would love to see more hauls

  28. jennyfer.michiyo@ymail.com
    Overall aku suka desain blog kamu, artikelnya, tutorialnya <3 Semuanya menarik untuk dibaca~ !!
    Hihihi.. Saran sering" ngadain give away yak ! wkwkkw :3

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway ! :3

  29. Hai lala :)
    aku udah beberapa kali liat blogmu nih
    aku suka tutorial korean style nya hehe
    buat desain blogmu udah bagus nih, vintage plus pink
    cuman aku agak kesulitan soalnya masih ada scroll sampingnya >.<
    foto yang bawa teddy bear itu imut bangett


  30. caryn_cariaga@yahoo.com

    your blog is super cute like candies and bubblegums.. more hauls please!

  31. email: ohohshit@gmail.com

    such a lovely giveaway! i think you are very cute and funny. love your zombie make up! hahah! wish to see more hauls and fashion post in the future.

  32. Email: oliviamarcia@hellokitty.com

    what a lovely blog. inspiring beauty blog. i'm inspired by you who only 18 years old but already make such a big hit on blogging world. i think more inspiring make up and any tutorials that useful for readers are a must that you improve :D

  33. email: jbungaw@gmail.com

    aku suka blog kamu ini karena dari blog kamu bukan cuma bisa baca review product tapi juga ada tutorial, sampe cara bikin suatu masakan pun ada. background nya lucu vintage flower gitu seperti namaku bunga LOL warna pink & fotomu yang pegang teddy bear itu yang bikin kesan blog kamu tambah sweet & girly. perbanyak lagi video tutorial karena aku lebih senang liat video, bisa liat langsung step by step tapi post tutorial di blog kamu udah bagus kok :D

    anyway, thank you for the giveaway. wish me luck <3

  34. E-mail: jemabainza22@gmail.com

    Your blog honestly inspires me to breathe back life to my blog :) More outfit posts? Hihi. Thanks for this giveaway:)

  35. Thanks for the giveaway~
    E-mail: ceripuff@yahoo.com
    I like the cute graphic on your blog :3, and I think I want to see more video tutorial :3


  36. I like so much fo your blog, the layout is cute! I looooove see bb creams reviews, I'm crazy for it! haha
    Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway dear! ^.^


  37. Thanks for amazing giveaway dear <3
    I like the background of your blog ..

  38. i think your blog is very cute! Both design and content. You're doing a great job!
    email: redalepou(at)yahoo(dot)com

  39. kawaii blog! i really love blogs that are kawaii and irresistable..just can't stop reading posts!
    email ad: mandywendy09@yahoo.com

  40. Thanks for the giveaway. You have a lovely blog^^ I love your background. Ugghh.. if I can use it on my blog, kekeke.. Oh, and also thanks for K-POP tutorials :). For me, it will better if you share more article about skincare ;)
    email : ichigo.kawai11@gmail.com

  41. Thanks Sudah ngadain giveawaynya sist :D
    Blog kamu cantik, tema vintage yang buat pengujung nyaman untuk terus mengunjungi blog kamu. sayangnya tidak ada pembagian kategori di blog ini. seperti pembagian kategori fashion, make up tutorial dll.. karena suatu saat pengunjung akan mencari artikel kamu kembali, dan mereka tidak selamanya ingat bulan kapan sist mempostingnya.. semangat sist.. saya yakin blog sist akan meningkat <3


  42. Halo La! :D
    Ikutan ngramein yak~ Hihihi...
    Aku suka header barunyaa!!!! *screaming* keren bangett *dua jempol*
    Terus postingan2nya udah oke kok laa... cuma, kalo seringan mau ngga? Hihihi... *lari takut ditimpuk soalnya sendirinya juga jarang post :p*
    Lebih banyakin review, tips tricks, 101, dan tutorial.. Bikin tutor masak juga boleh~ *eh* Tutor rambut jugaaa!! :D aku suka sama poni kemaren~ :p Sukses slalu yah La~ :*

  43. helen gatbonton
    i love your blog its very inspiring

  44. Liza Marie Valenzuela

    You have a lovely blog. Continue on posting and hope you'll have more giveaways!

  45. I love the header. The maker of it must be really good at it! I love your K-Pop looks too! =)

    Crystal Marie Cañete

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. i like your blog,specially the shabby chic layout it is so adorable


  48. Thanks for the giveaway!
    I am a new follower, frankly speaking, but your blog looks pretty nice!)
    I like makeup tutorials and haul posts.
    Email: marfusha-76@mail.ru

  49. I love your blog,and the blog design is lovely!

  50. I love your Blog its super cute & creative! hope to see more DIY & make-up tutorials :)

  51. Love the flower son the side=) So girly.

  52. design of your blog.its chic and anticipating for more products reviews.


  53. gloryychen@yahoo.com

    Pertama kali liat blog mu langsung suka.. why? coz kualitas gambarnya oke, deskripsinya lengkap, plus review nya juga sesuai dengan apa adanya... kalo layout nya udah oke banget apalagi header nya yg bru, lucu banget... hehe.. mungkin bisa diperbanyak tutorial eotd/fotd yg inspired dr artis2 kpop gitu... hehe..

  54. crystalcruz1986@yahoo.com
    I really love your blog. I love the design. not boring. thumbs up!

  55. Ikutan ya, :)

    Blogmu uda bagus banget, ini pertama kali aku kunjungin blogmu, hehe
    aku suka sama gambar home wallpapermu yang diatas, lucu :) ada gambar kamunya :3

    terus untuk kedepannya, karena aku suka review produk kecantikan, mungkin cukup ditambah aja, soalnya uda lengkap juga sih (terutama di videomu) jadi berasa jelas banget reviewnya, :)

    Thanks ya, salam kenal juga
    and wish me luck :)

  56. Ikutan ya

    Blog kamu bagus..Penataan templatenya dan desainnya udah OKE. Aku suka ma tutorial make-up kamu la. Jujur...aku suka liat video kalo untuk tutorial. karena lebih ngerti.hehehe

  57. Hello! ^^
    Email: dalichuu14@gmail.com
    I have a long time reading your blog and I love it! everything! reviews, layout *-* and I like to see, maybe more makeup tutorials please?
    Nice day♥

  58. Emal : icchrista.blogspot.com

    Overall, aku suka sama blogmu la. Kamu inspiratif banget!
    Kamu juga sangat percaya diri dengan kamu apa adanya, walau kadang di beberapa postmu kamu dapat komentar yang sakit di telinga :)
    hehhe komentarnya jadi nyimpang nih...

    Oke, blog mu rapi dan menarik sekali. Dari layoutnya, ukuran lebarnya, penataan iklan partnership, font blognya semua nya udah oke. Manis, energetic, dan anak muda banget! No doubt for your blog layout!

    Cuma lebih enak kalau kamu bisa tambahin tag/label sih sebenernya jadi aku ga ribet pas mau nyari post tentang review-review gitu hehhe ...

    Kalau masalah isi, blogmu ini sudah super komplit. Review, FOTD, Tutorial, Resep, semuanya ada!
    Oh ya kalau masalah review boleh dong review-review brand lain selain etude. Aku sering baca blogpost mu yang isinya etude products, mungkin bisa diexplore untuk brand-brand lainnya hehhe ...

    Semoga ke depannya blogmu ini makin jaya, apa lagi kamu termasuk salah satu blogger yang cukup aktif meng-update bllog <3

    Saran nih, gimana kalau kamu biki OOTD (outfit of the day) kayak nya makin menarik, semakin lengkap isi blogmu.

    Thank you Lala )

  59. Hi!
    I like your blog! The only thing I find disturbing is in design - only 3 blogposts showing on each page, I personally think 5-10 would be better and easier to find what you're interested in.
    I'd like to read more about skincare products!)

  60. join giveawaynya ya ^^
    yang aku suka dari blog ini pertama karena bahasa penulisan yang jelas, mau review, tutorial ataupun post lainnya selalu kamu tulis dengan baik, jadi aku enak dan betah berlama lama baca postingan kamu.
    selain itu, design/template kamu yang terkesan vintage serta header karikatur yang kamu gunakan, memberikan kesan dan ciri khas tersendiri yang bisa bikin pengunjung tidak mudah melupakan blog ini :)

    Saran, tolong diperbanyak tutorial korean makeupnya ya :D

  61. Thanks for giveaway lala
    Agnia Pradipta (anyaaa)
    aku suka revie-review skincare dari blog ini, dan aku juga suka desain blognya yg cewe banget, smuanya bungabunga apalagi icon media sosialnya (◦ˆ⌣ˆ◦) , pernah nyari yg sama tp ga ada , hehe

  62. Ah, your blog layout is so cute. I can't wait to go through all your posts & watch your youtube videos! <3



  63. Hi! I'm a new reader from malaysia! thanks for opening a giveaway!

    email - hsieying@gmail.com

  64. I just discovered about your blog today on Facebook. I find your blog cute and neat. And your blog posts are interesting. I think I want to see hair product reviews and hairstyles as well.

    Email: diazmarinela08@gmail.com

  65. I discovered your blog just now, and I've been browsing it and I must say I love you kpop looks, especially since you picked some of my favourite ones!!
    I also really like your reviews with lots of big photos, I think that's super important in a review :D

    Email: girlsthatlovethedark.nlp@gmail.com

  66. Your blog is simple :) Simplicity may be a bit lacking for other people but for me your blog itself is informative enough =D more power to you!

  67. I want to see tips and reviews :)

  68. rheajuaton@gmail.com
    Your blog is Cute. I love the design :) I like your tutorials, so I just want more tutorials ^_^

  69. hii
    ermm saya penggemar cosmetics korea .. sebelum beli sih saya suka cari review review about products dulu .. jadi ofc yang paling saya suka itu review product ~ tutorial juga bagus sih .. cuman kadank hasilnya beda dengan yg asli hahaha maybe ada hubungan dgn product yg dipake la ya ...

    email add : eunna.chae@gmail.com

    p.s : Thank's for the giveaway and etude shini star lip balm itu salah 1 fav saya hahaha wangi nya enaq dan cantik hasil nya ~ sementara cuman ada yg Grapefruit >.<

  70. Hi there! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!
    I wanted to see an ullzang make up tutorial coz youre really pretty! Love the background and the cursor of your blog. It's cute! And the tutorials are really impressive! <3

    email add: aegeanebrioso@ymail.com

  71. babycakesorlock2@live.com

    I love love love your blogs layout and the kpop looks you do! ^^



  72. I will forever follow you xD <3 <3

    xoxo, Babycakes


  73. i love the design and front page header !:) very original and super cute


  74. GFC: Raisa Angelin
    E-mail : rangeldreams(at)gmail(dot)com

    Thank you La buat giveaway-nya xD

    I love your blog's layout design, your blog's header and i also impress with your English writing skill, you must be so a smart and talented young lady :D

    Please review more about local products and DIY tips, hehe.

    Wish me luck and have a nice day :D

  75. desain blog nya lucu banget :DDD
    suka juga sama review reviewnya
    4 jempol deh buat blog ini :D >< <3

  76. Thanks for the giveaway :) I hope you continue to blog reviews about korean cosmetics

  77. (^_^)/ Haiii,,aku udah lama follow kamu,,aku suka baca review kamu yang mendetail,,tapi dulu blog kamu loadingnya agak berat,,semenjak template blognya kamu ganti loadingnya jadi lebih ringan,,aku sukaa banget sama gambar kamu di header & backgroudnya <3

    email: miss.ehara@gmail.com

  78. Hi, thank you for the giveaway! :D You have an amazing blog design <3 especially the banner. Super cute! and oh, of course I would like to see more makeup tutorials :)

    Bella / everythingaboutbella.blogspot.com
    email: bellaterentia@hotmail.com

  79. i think your blog is lovely and easy to navigate around. i love the pinkish design and the big, clear photos. your reviews are comprehensive, detailed and evaluative :D
    my email is leeliet@hotmail.com

  80. I like your blog

  81. Your blog is so cute. I like it.

  82. annyeong ka! semoga aku menang di giveaway mu mengingat aku ngga pernah menang giveaway sekalipun huhuhu.

    selama ini aku selalu suka blog mu walau jujur aku baru kali ini memfollownya. aku selalu suka make up tutorialnya. tapi kalau bisa jangan selalu make up ala korea yg hanya bagus untuk yang berkulit putih. dan aku juga suka semua postingan mu tentang makanan. mmmm jadi bener-bener pengen belajar masak! kalau soal design blog, aku suka, bersih ga berantakan jadi ngga pusing bacanya.

    semoga blog mu semakin bagus ya, sejauh ini blog mu selalu informatif :) God Bless You!

    email : hardinianistya@yahoo.com

  83. I love your blog, really! thank u for the giveaway!

  84. Thank you buat giveawaynya La ^^
    Aku suka banget sama blog kamu, soalnya banyak review2 tentang produk korea, aku juga suka produk korea ^^. Selain itu ada tutorial nya juga, suka banget ama tutorial k-pop makeup look nya! suka yg Bae Suzy "HUSH"!!
    Terus suka ama video How to make bibimbap! kamu pinter masak La ^^
    Pokoknya suka deh ama blog kamu ^^ terus ngeblog ya La ^^
    Banyakin post tutorial yak, terutama korean look,tehee XD terus buat video masak2an lagi yak ^^
    Itu saja sih saran2 aku. Moga bisa membantu yah ^^

    Email : fanny_jongki@yahoo.co.id

  85. aisha.alejandro@inbox.com
    Selamat Siang! Hi! This is my first time here in your blog. And I got interested because I am half Indonesian. What's your religion, if you don't mind me asking? I haven't browse your blog yet. But I'd love to see more traditional Indonesian food. I miss eating rendang.. :) Have a blessed day, my dear! :)

  86. I love the layout of your blog and how colorful it was. I'm so glad I've found you!

  87. youkeyng@gmail.com. My first impression about your blog is : wow, the cartoon on banner look alike with the real person ^^ & the layout is nice but I suggest that your blog's background can make it in pastel color to make it feeling more fresh~ Look forward for the fashion review especially the mix & match with 10 apparels tutorial.

  88. ianne_1125@yahoo.com

    i really love the layout of your blog. it screams girly :))

  89. Awesome giveaway dear ^^ thanks for the opportunity :) look forward to your next post xo


  90. eliecious@rocketmail.com

    Love your blog site! so cute! :)

  91. Your blog is cute! <3
    banyakin youtube videonya. di Indo masi jarang loh yg youtubers. Terus banyakin review and haul juga kadang2. Ama tips2. Posting seringin ya jd seminggu 1x minimal. Hahahaha. cayooo

  92. I like the color scheme of your blog. Would love to see more Asian product reviews.
    Thank you for the great giveaway ^_^

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