Friday, November 1, 2013

Recipe: Hobakjuk (호박죽)

Hello everyone, and hello November~ Woah time flies extremely fast, right? *o*
Well.. as I have promised to you guys, I will share a new easy-peasy recipe to you every month! So, let me start this new month with a new recipe on my blog kkk~
Umm to be honest we did not really celebrate Halloween in Indonesia, so I did not carve a pumpkin this year. And yes I know that Halloween has passed, but do not throw away the inside of your Halloween pumpkin! Make yourself a bowl of warm pumpkin porridge with those leftovers, which is very delicious and filling omnomnom~ You can also use them to make soup, pie, jam, cookies, etc!

So.. Hobak (호박) means Pumpkin, and Juk () means Porridge in Korean.
Hobakjuk is one of my favorite snacks from Korea, because it is super easy to make it and you do not need a lot of ingredients yay~
By the way.. Sorry I decided to make a step-by-step pictorial instead of a video, because my internet connection is so ridiculously slow meh, but I hope you still enjoy it!


For 4 - 5 servings.

- A half of large pumpkin
- 1000 ml water
- 2 tbsp glutinous rice flour + water
- 2 tbsp sugar
- 1 tsp salt
Rice Cake Balls:
- 6 tbsp of glutinous rice flour
- 1/2 tsp salt
- Hot water

Actually you can use pumpkin or butternut squash to cook this Hobakjuk,
and you can also add some cooked red beans! ^^

First, remove the seeds and stringy stuff inside the pumpkin, and wash it in cold water.

Steam it for about 30 minutes until it become soft, and let it cool.
You can also peel the skin and cut it first before you cook it, but this is the easiest way, especially for a beginner at cooking like me lol XD
And you can also bake or boil it, but I prefer to steam it.

When the pumpkin is cool enough, scoop it out with a spoon.

Then mash it with a fork or potato masher. You can also use a blender, but it is too subtle for me, while I prefer some texture in my porridge, err I mean.. a little bit of lumps is good, you know!

Moving on, let's make the rice cake dough!
Mix the glutinous rice flour, salt, and a little bit of hot water.

And this is the fun part yay! Take a little bit of dough, and roll up into a ball with the palms of your hands. And you can make them as much as you want, but I was too tired to roll them one by one lol :P

Next.. place the mashed pumpkin into a pot, and pour the water.
Stir it well, and cook over medium heat.

Mix the glutinous rice flour with water, and pour it into the pot to help thicken the porridge.

When it starts to boil, add the rice cake balls, sugar and salt.
Cook it for a few more minutes.

Then.. turn off the heat, and you are done~!

I really love this Hobakjuk! Sometimes when I was too lazy to eat rice, I would eat this porridge as a light meal because it was quite filling and yummy!
The important thing is.. I could eat it as much as I like lol. And oh, the rice cake balls tasted similiar like Bubur Candil / Biji Salak (a traditional porridge from Indonesia)! kkk

So, have you ever tried to cook / eat Hobakjuk, girls??

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day ^^

See ya~


  1. Eeehk ini mirip seperti buat takjil biji slak untuk berbuka puasa nggak sich chay? Krn bahan2nya sama.. Cuma aku bukan pake labu, aku ganti pake mantang warna ungu..

    1. Mantang itu apa ya? ubi ungu kah? o_O
      Iyaa rasanya mirip gitu, tapi kalo yg pernah aku makan biasanya pake gula merah hehe ^^

  2. waaaa enak ini biasanya mama q bikin ps bulan puasa :D bedanya pake gula merah

    1. Iya enak biasanya pake gula merah ya hehe tp yang pake labu ini juga enak :3

  3. I've never tried this, but it looks delicious! Thanks for sharing^-^ x

    1. Yeah it is so delicious, you should try it someday <3
      You're welcome ^^

  4. aku gak suka pumpkin, heheehe
    rasanya manis2 gitu kan kalo gak salah? hehe

    1. Aku juga ga suka kalo makannya utuh kayak yg didalemnya kolak itu, tp kalo dihancurin gini enak hehe iya rasanya maniiis xD

  5. I've never heard of hobakjuk before, but it sure looks delicious!

    1. Yup it is delicious~ I recommend you to try this recipe! ^^

  6. oh my , usually i just take the whole potato and put it into the blender to blend. never taste this before though

    do feel free to join my OASAP clothes giveaway

    1. Me too lol xD Thanks for inviting me, I will check it out asap ;)

  7. Lalaaa skrg kan hello november bkn october *cubit* :p hahahah
    ini kayanya enak tp ak suka males bikin2an, delivery ke rumah aja gimanaa? *kedipkedip*

    1. Ups yaampun aku baru nyadar wkwk duh jadi malu~ udah aku edit yaa :P
      Iya enak lho, ayo kapan2 bikin dong kalo lagi nganggur ;)
      Boleh boleh, order 3 porsi ntar dapet bonus aku lho hihi xD

  8. Whoah! What a cool recipe!
    I guess you have such a talent. Want to try ittt >.<

    Anyway, you have such a lovely blog.
    I've been following you.
    Mind to follow me back? ^^

    Glad to know you.
    Thank you!

    1. Aww thank you so much! You should try it someday! ^^
      Sure, I will follow you back <3

  9. We have something similar to that in the Philippines. Instead of Pumpkins, we use Coco Milk. It also has some dozen of things in it like Sago, Bananas, Yams, Jackfruit & etc. I forgot what its called.

    1. Woah it sounds so yummy! *o* And jackfruit is one of my favorite fruits lol XD

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