Saturday, October 13, 2012

Review: 3D Cutie Bow tie & French Leopard pattern False Nails

Hello everyone! Finally, I'm back with another review now~ Sorry girls, I've been super busy lately!! (≧д≦)

Well.. I didn't like short nails, but sadly I had to shorten my nails because my school doesn't allow their students to be creative with their nails ughh, you know what I mean eh? >_<

And fortunately, KKCenterHK kindly sent me 2 sets of False Nail Tips of my choices! I'm soooo happy, because I can use / remove them whenever I want (^▽^)

- After -
- Before -

And today I'll review about 3D Cutie Bow tie & French Leopard pattern False Nail Tips first~

You can read the instructions on the back of the box~

And it comes with a pink nail glue (2g).
Honestly, the glue wasn't strong enough for my nails, but it's ok la.

And these are how they looks~ So pretty & cute, right?? 1 box contains 12 pieces, and can be used for 2 - 3 times (^ε^)♪

Aghh actually most of them didn't fit the size of my nails, or maybe it's because I didn't buffer my nails before? lol (≧▽≦) *slapped.

1. Remove any nail polish, clean & dry natural nails.
2. Gently push back cuticles with manicure stick.
3. Select the false nail size that most closely match each of your own nails.
4. Place a drop if glue to underside of the false nail & spread with nozzle.
5. Position & press down firmly onto your own nail close to but not touching the cuticle. Hold for a few seconds until fixed.
6. Nails can be worn for about a week. Wait for a few hours / overnight before re-applying. 
Dissolve false nails by soaking in an Artificial Nail Remover / Acetone. Don't force! Any glue left on natural nails can be removed with a Glue Remover.

Super duper cuteeeeeee~~ I love them so much! (*^o^*)

 Love :
 Super cute!
 Quick and easy to use / remove.
 Come in a large variety of designs.
 Affordable, only USD $3.89.

 Hate :
✩ The glue wasn't strong enough on my nails.

 Overall rating : 4/5 : 

They also provide tons of other cute designs, and if you're interested to try, you can buy them HERE only for USD $3.89!!!
Don't forget to use my code 'lalalovelystar' to get 10% discount for all items!
(Valid until January 31st 2013)

So, do you like to use false nails, girls? ^^

Thanks for reading, see ya~ 


  1. Duh, lucunya~ Dari dulu pengen pake fake nails, tapi males soalnya jadi ga bisa ngetik email di HP -_-"

    1. hehe iya ce phanie, susah banget ga bisa ngetik -_- kalo lagi keramas juga ribet wkwk :P

  2. OMG, kawaii ne~~ xDD
    i love fake nails, it doesnt need to remove xD
    Thank for sharing <3
    anyway I've followed you, mind to follow me
    back? <3

    come and see my blog,

    1. thank you :) wah I've followed your blog too :D

  3. Gorgeous nails!

  4. unyuu kalii itu kuku,sayang aku kalau makan suka pakai tangan ga cocok pakai fake nails hahaha >.<


    1. iya unyu banget, lho masa ga cocok sih? menurut bayanganku cocok lho hehe :D

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