Thursday, June 30, 2016

Event: Soiree with Wardah

Hello everyone!
Well I am truly and deeply sorry for being inactive lately, I was so busy with my college life, but yeah at least I finished this semester with good grades lol. And since I am on holidays now, so I am finally back and I am super excited to get back to blogging wohoo! And today let me start with an event report to all of you guys~

So, I was attended 'Soiree with Wardah Inspiring Beauty' on last May 21th, 2016 with my fellow beauty Bloggers and Instagram influencers in Surabaya. And this event was held at a new cafe called Cailano Coffee, so it was my first visit there.

Actually I went there straight after I finished a student meeting at my university, and I was the third person that had arrived.

As you guys can see, the goodie boxes and catalogs were prepared for each of us on the table. There were also some Wardah's product testers on the table for us to play with.

For those of you who did not know, Wardah is one of Indonesian beauty brands, and this local brand is very famous here because of their halal certified-products for Muslims. Their products are mostly affordable as well.
And let's take a look at some of their products first~!

Wardah trio eyeshadow palettes.

Wardah duo blusher palettes.

Wardah's new products from their latest 'C-Defense' line.

Swatch of Wardah DD cream, available in two shades.

Wardah C-Defense serum with vitamin C.

And last but not least, the highlight of this event.. Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream~
Their new matte lip cream is actually available in six different shades, but unfortunately the testers were provided only in three shades. And oh, the price of this matte lip cream is very affordable, only for IDR. 59,000!

[From left to right: 01 Red-Dicted - 04 Pink Me - 05 Speachless]

They also provided lunch for us before the event started.
I love the cheesy baked potato and thai iced tea from Cailano! It was yummy!

The event was started with an introduction by Ms. Nindy from Wardah Surabaya. And actually, this event was just an informal gathering to get to know us better and to introduce their new products.

They also held a makeup challenge with one representative from beauty blogger (ce Kathy) and one representative from Instagram influencer to do a makeover on the Wardah Beauty Agents. It was so fun watching them~!

Instagram influencer and beauty blogger representatives with their models.

From left to right: kak Sekar (, kak Arum (, me, ce Sabrina (

Pic source: ce Mindy (

I also got Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream in 01 Red-Dicted and Wardah EyeXpert Eye Makeup Remover inside the goodie box. I will review the lip cream as soon as possible, so keep your eyes peeled for my review!

Thank you so much Wardah for having us!

Thanks for reading, and happy holiday ^^

See ya~ 


  1. Looks fine. I don't know what actually it was like, but once I've visited similar event and it was okay. Even if I am not about all that make-up stuff, it was okay.

  2. The atmosphere inside is quite suitable for this event. I can imagine this quiet and calmness. I liked the boxes. The colours are so tender and womanish.

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