Saturday, July 2, 2016

Event: Cathy Doll Meet & Greet Surabaya

Hello everyone~
Today I am back with another fun event report to all of you!
So, I was attended Meet and Greet with Cathy Doll on last May 21th, 2016.

This event was held at Dyandra Convention Center Surabaya. And actually I arrived a bit late with most of the other beauty bloggers, because we had another beauty event to attend just right before this event.

Actually in last April, Cathy Doll already held a similar event in Jakarta, and Surabaya was the second city for their event to explain about their blogging competition.

In addition to beauty bloggers, there were also some beauty vloggers, lifestyle bloggers, and Instagram influencers whom I have never met before.

And this Meet and Greet event was started by the MC. She was so funny~!

Then continued with an explanation about their blogging competition with a total prize of 300 million Rupiah. However, now the competition has closed, so I will not explain it here.

After that, Ms. Novita as the sales manager of Cathy Doll Indonesia introduced us to their brand and their products. So for your information, Cathy Doll is actually a Korean beauty brand and all of their products are made in Korea, but Thailand is their biggest market and this brand is very famous there, that is why most people mistakenly think that Cathy Doll is a Thai brand.

She also did a product demonstration to some of the invitees to prove the effectiveness of their whitening body lotion, which is one of Cathy Doll's best-selling products from their 'Ready 2 White' series.

And she also did a product demonstration of Cathy Doll Water Splash Essence to brighten the face.

After that, they announced the winners of the 'best dress' and 'best Instagram photo'.
Congratulations to ce Mindy and ce Shelley! ^^

And yeah that is the end of this event.. It was so fun and I enjoyed it!
So glad to have met new people in this event as well ^^

And oh, I also got Cathy Doll Ready 2 White Milky White Cream Pack and a sachet sample of Cathy Doll Fiber White X Gel inside my goodie bag. I will review the whitening cream pack on my blog as soon as I can, so please stay tuned!

Thank you so much Cathy Doll Indonesia for having us, and I am very sorry for the late post!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day ^^

See ya~ 


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