Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Update: New Blog Template!

Hello everyone!

Now I am back in the blogging world, because I have a long holiday until next August wohoo! So I promise I will try to update this blog as often as possible.

Umm well, do you guys notice a lot of changes on this blog??
Oh YES I just changed my blog template yay!

I have been wanting a template upgrade since the end of last year, because I was bored with my old template - which I have used for over a year, and lately I also think that it was 'too colorful' for me (ahem, yeah my point of view has changed drastically since I reached 20 years old in last April oops). But sadly I did not have any time to change my blog template, because I was very busy with my college stuff. But yeah I am super duper happy now that I finally have some free time to re-design my blog!

Of course I love my new blog template, since I did it all by myself LOL - and I spent these past few days working on this new blog template. Well, I personally think that this new blog design is more simple than the old one, and it is also more mobile-friendly, so it is much easier to browse. And I really hope you guys will enjoy reading my blog more!

Uh-oh! To be honest, I think my illustration for the header above still needs to be improved, and I will try to fix it later. Umm yeah, I do not know why but I think I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my artworks ugh >_<
Well, talking about artworks.. I am going to share some of my college assignments for the last semester here (manually and digitally - drawing, 3D design, and computer graphic), so I hope you guys can imagine of how busy I was - until I did not have time for blogging duh. And oh, I will update and share more photos of my daily life for the next semester on my new Snapchat, so just add me on Snapchat : adekumala if you would like to keep in touch with me! ^^

And if you are friends with me on my personal Facebook account, then you might already know about my first illustrated fairytale book 'Snow White' for my computer graphic final exam. Actually I feel embarrassed to share the entire book here, but I will do it exclusively for my readers hehe. I know I know, there are a lot of flaws here and there, since I am still an amateur and I did it when I was sick. So yeah, I really need to practice more! ^_^

Okay that's all for today! 
I am very sorry for being so random LOL, I just do not want this post to be too short, but thank you so much for reading this random post~
And please let me know what you think about my new blog layout on the comment section below! Thank you ^^

Have a lovely day!!

See ya~ 


  1. Cantik banget^^
    Suka banget sama headernya. Manisss~

  2. nice layout la <3
    jd lbh ada sentuhan dewasa skrg :3 ciyee hehe