Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review: Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream

Snail slime in skincare products have become a beauty trend since 2 years ago, and it is still popular until now. 
So I finally bought this Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream last December lol it is better late than never, right? And yeah I heard a lot of good reviews about this snail cream, so.. is it really effective on me? Let's see my opinion~

I bought this snail cream on BeautyNetKorea for $18.99~
And it contains 75ml of the snail cream.

They claimed to reduce acne scars, tighten large pores, brighten up dull skin, moisture and soothes sensitive skin. Omo I was totally sold! It sounds too good to be true, right?
 But now I know that my expectation was too high >__<

It comes in a thick glass tub, it is quite heavy and not travel-friendly,

 so just be careful no to drop it!

And oh, just for your information.. I have been using this snail cream every day
 for nearly 2 months~

There is a protective lid inside, and I really hate to dip my fingers to scoop out the cream ughh it is unhygienic! So I prefer to use my own spatula instead of my fingers.

Err honestly I am not really sure about how snail slime smells lol but don't worry it does not smell fishy! Yeah at first this snail cream smells weird, it smells quite strong-slightly like alcohol-especially when you smell the cream directly on the tub. But after you spread the cream on your face, somehow it smells like floral just for a few seconds.

This cream contains 92% of snail secretion filtrate, and the texture of this snail cream is so unique! It is slimy like the real snail slime, but it is not sticky at all.

The cream is in white color, but once you spread out the cream on your face, it becomes transparent and it absorbs very fast without any stickiness. And it feels very lightweight~

My skin feels so soft and matte, so.. for those with super dry skin, I think your skin may feel tight after you apply this cream. And I usually use this snail cream twice a day, in the morning and night before I go to sleep, and I always wake up with a slightly oily face in the next morning.

So, this is my opinion after I use this snail cream for nearly 2 months..
Fortunately it does not break me out, but it also does not do much to treat my zits, I still have a lot of red bumps with or without using this cream meh.
Reduce acne scars & redness:
Yeah as you can see, it helps to reduce my acne scars and my redness a little bit.
Pore tightening:
I did not notice any difference about my pores, and I still have large pores now ugh.
Yeah it is quite moisturizing on my oily - combination skin, but I think you may need an extra layer of this cream if you have normal - dry skin.
I think this is the one and only noticeable effect on me! I noticed that my dull skin looks brighter and translucent within a few days.
Wrinkle Care:
I do not have any wrinkles so I can not comment about this wrinkle part lol.

Sorry for different lighting >__<

Overall.. I think this snail cream is not too great for me, but I will continue to use this cream la.. However, I do not plan to repurchase this snail cream in the future >__<

So, have you ever tried this snail cream? And do you like it?? ^^

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day, girls~

See ya~


  1. I've tried this cream and I love it! Thanks for review!!

    1. Wah that's good if you like it! Thanks for your comment ^^

  2. ternyata ga ngefek ya la ._. aku ga prnh coba merk mizon ini sebelumnya sih
    thanks for sharing ^^<3

    1. Iya sayangnya di aku gak terlalu ngefek ce hiks ;___;

  3. I've tried the eyecream form this line, but it didn't help my wrinkles and for my eye area it seemed to heavy and greasy and so I never bought the snail cream for my face. From what you reviewed, it seems that it's a bit disappoiting.
    Great review!

    1. Oh really? It is so dissappointing! o_O Yeah sadly this snail cream is just so-so for me >_<

  4. I always heard about the snail cream but I haven't tried it yet, so thanks for the review! x

  5. I've been planning to purchase this baby.. but err... I outta think twice >.< thanks for the review :)

    1. Yeah sadly this product does not work very well on me, but I think you can try the sample first if you are still hesitant ^^

  6. Aku pernah nya nyobain yang secret key hehe itu cepet ngempesin & ngeringin jerawatnya

    1. Oya? Thanks infonya ya, next time aku nyoba secret key ^^

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  8. ini ada ekstrak siputnya ya. hihi kalo ngebayangin ada siput2nya jadi geli sendiri ^^ tapi gpp kah buat remaja 18 thn pake ini? soalnya ini ada anti wrinkle nya kan, bolehkah kita pake produk yg anti wrinkle di usia remaja?

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