Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY: Green Tea Spray

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, because I got a problem with my internet connection lately ughh. But today I am going to share how to make this green tea spray
for your face and body, which is perfect for hot sunny days ^^

Green tea has a lot of good benefits for your skin.. Green tea is a great anti-inflammatory, full of active antioxidants to make your skin more resistant to ultraviolet radiation, and
it also has antibacterial properties.

It is very easy to make.. Put a green tea bag into a mug of hot water for about 15 minutes, and let it cool down.

Pour the green tea into a spray bottle, add the contents of the vitamin E capsule, and shake it well~

Store it in the fridge, and it lasts for about 3 to 4 days.
Well, I usually spray it all over my face and body. It really helps to reduce my sunburn, it also feels refreshing because it has cooling and soothing effects, and the vitamin E makes my skin feel so soft and smooth~

 I heard green tea may enhance the sun protection if you use it with Zinc Oxide or Titanium-based sunscreen lotion. So, I always spray this green tea mixture before I apply my sunscreen lotion which contains Zinc Oxide as one of the main ingredients. But you can also spray it as often as possible whenever you want la. And oh if you want to carry it outside, you can add some ice cubes to keep it cold ^^

It is very cheap and easy to make, so I highly recommend you to try this green tea spray for the upcoming summer season~ kkk

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day, girls ^^

See ya~ 


  1. Cool post Ade =) I've never heard the part about sunscreen. I love these DIY posts you do.

  2. Wah lala it looks so nice! Thanks a lot for this DIY tips I will try it out cause it's so easy to do ^^ love your DIY posts as always

    1. Yup and we do not need a lot of time to make this green tea spray kkk~ Thanks a lot ce Misa ♥

  3. this is really a useful post n absolutely should give it a try...! hehe... thx bwat tips nya la.. ^^

  4. Ohhh this will be perfect for summer! I live in a tropical area and even though I'm quite dark I burn really easily. Thanks for sharing!

  5. nice tips! thanks for sharing ^^

  6. Wahhh,aku juga suka banget simpen green tea di kulkas buat csm-an.. Emang beneran bisa bikin kulit lebih bercahaya dan bersih pake green tea giniii ^^
    Pernah coba kucampur vit e gitu, tapi emang ga mau nyatu ya vit E nyaa, jadi kurang suka kalo dicampur-campur..

    Aku follow kamu yahh.. Boleh banget kalau mau follback :3

  7. Nice DIY lala.. mau coba nanti aah.. gampang sekali sepertinya hihihi..

  8. Cute recipe! Would love to try one later. I love green tea as a beverage. :D Thanks for the idea, Lala! :)

  9. I like to make my own DIY Toner / Sprits too but I usually add Apple Cider Vinegar on mine cos I had an acne prone skin. To make your concoction last longer you can put a few drops of tea tree oil in your spray, the tea tree acts as a natural preservatives.

  10. I'm loving these DIY posts! *A* Though I've used green tea on my face before, I hadn't though about using a Vitamin E capsule. Deff great for mousturising skin! <3
    Thank you for the DIY!

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