Monday, January 20, 2014

Recipe: Baesuk (배숙)

I just got over being sick 2 weeks ago and now I am getting sick again, ugh my body is
so weak lately! I have caught a cold, sore throat and blocked nose since 3 days ago.
Everything I eat is tasteless but I have been craving for something sweet, and fortunately my dad bought a lot of fruits yesterday.. pears, apples, bananas, tangerines, and soursop. When I saw those fresh pears, I was like "Oh perfect I am going to cook Baesuk for myself". Yeah I have tried to cook Baesuk yesterday and I was feeling better after I ate it, so today I cooked Baesuk again and I decided to share the recipe to all of you~

So.. Baesuk (배숙) is Korean steamed pear, 'Bae' means pear and 'Suk' means cooked. Psst.. do you know that Baesuk is a very-healthy dessert? It is a great Korean home remedy for sore throat and cough. Yes I am not kidding, it really helps to relieve my sore throat, and it is very easy to make! So I highly recommend you to try this Baesuk when you catch a cold.

About the ingredients, you only need a pear, ginger and honey!
I found out a lot of people use Korean pear to cook Baesuk, but this time I use Chinese pear that we called Ya Lie pear here, so feel free to use any Asian pears that you can find! And actually you are supposed to add some pine nuts and jujubes inside, but since it is hard to find them here and I did not plan to cook this Baesuk before, that is why I did not add them into this recipe.

Rinse the pear under running water, pat dry with a paper towel, and cut the top off.

Scoop out the core and seeds of the pear with a spoon.

Add 1 tbsp of honey and 1 tsp of grated ginger inside the pear.

Place the pear in a heat-resistant bowl, and steam the pear for about 30 minutes
until it is completely soft.

And you are done~ Don't forget to eat it while it is still hot!

So, have you ever heard about Baesuk before? And have you tried it?? ^^

That's all for today! My mom is gonna kill me if I spend too many hours in front of my laptop when I am sick lol~ I will update my blog with a lot of reviews as soon as I can ^^

Thanks for reading!

See ya~ 


  1. I've had something similar before but without the ginger and honey. ^^ Steamed pear is actually quite good by itself (I used Ya Li as well) but I'll have to try it with ginger and honey someday.

  2. That sounds really good! I have not heard of this before, but as kids at camp we would do something similar with apples and red hot candies (or bananas and chocolate chips lol). I have to try this version!

  3. Your recipes always make me hungry! It looks so yummy, and healthy too^^ I will definitely try this one day:D x

  4. Looks tasty! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. My mom makes me a delicious pear soup that's quite similar to this! *A* And yes, pears are great for sore throats and definitely taste delicious! <3
    Thank you for sharing, Lala! Feel better soon. ;v;

  6. Oh I've never seen this before but such a cool idea! :D I want to try this--I actually have some Asian pears right now kekeke.

  7. even if i weren't sick this sounds SO yummy! i've never heard of this before! thanks for sharing.
    A Beautiful Zen

  8. belum pernah denger sebelumnya la *w* keliatannya enak.. thanks for sharing! ^^

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