Sunday, December 29, 2013

Review: NEO Dali Premium Brown

Hello everyone~
Today I am back with a new circle lenses review! So, EyeCandy's kindly sent me 2 pairs of NEO Vision circle lenses, and this time I am going to review the NEO Dali Premium Brown first! Umm beforehand, I just want to share my silly short story to all of you to make this blog way more personal lol, so I have burned my tongue on hot coffee this morning, and it still hurts! I could not eat anything with this numbness burning tingling tongue, and yeah it looks like I am being forced into a diet meh -__-

Actually this is the first time I tried circle lenses from this brand. I was curious to try NEO's circle lenses since a long time ago, because I have read a lot of positive reviews about their circle lenses.

Introducing the latest addition to the NEO Dali series of brown lenses.
Dali Premium will give you a natural, refined look suitable for any occasion.

Brand : NEO

Origin : South Korea
Water Content : 45%
Diameter : 14.2 mm
Base Curve : 8.6
Duration : 1 year disposable
Power Range : 0.00 to -8.00

In this Dali Brown series, there are 3 different designs available~
Dali Sweet Chocolate (Original)Dali 2 Brown (2011), and Dali Premium Brown (2012).
Actually they look quite similiar, but I decided to choose these Dali Premium Brown lenses, because the design of these lenses is the most natural in my opinion.

Design: 星星
Well.. the design of these lenses is simple and quite boring, because it only has one tone without dark outer ring, and the design is not noticeable when you wear these lenses.

Color: 星星星星
As you can see.. the color looks more reddish brown than real brown, and it blends very well on my eyes! It looks so natural and not noticeable. Umm I think these are the most natural lenses I have ever tried so far, yeah even black lenses still looks quite fake on me!

Enlargement: 星星
The enlargement of these lenses is very subtle, my eyes look slightly bigger in a very natural way. Oh come on, what did you expect from 14.2 mm circle lenses? So, these are definitely not for you if you expect to get an obvious dolly-eye effect. 

Comfort: 星星星星星
These lenses are one of the most comfortable lenses I have ever worn!
I have sensitive eyes, but I did not have any problems and I could wear them for about 8 hours without eye drop!

Overall, these lenses look extremely natural, like my eyes-but-waaaaay-better, and I think no one would even notice that I was wearing circle lenses lol. And these lenses are so perfect for daily look, so I recommend you to try these lenses, especially if you do not really like those noticeable flashy colors!

So, are you interested to try these lenses?? PURCHASE HERE!

Don't forget to use my code 'ADEKUMALA' for a free surprise gift with your purchase!

So, have you ever tried these lenses??

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day, girls ^^

See ya~ 


  1. iiihh baguuuss, jatohnya natural ya? cantik

    1. Iya natural bgt kayak ga pake lens hehe thank you ^^

  2. Hello new reader here! ^^

    I think they look really pretty and natural on you. Especially since they really do look your natural eye pattern/color only more brown. I've never tried circle lenses before but I really want to.

    1. Yeah thanks a lot! Then you should try these lenses ^^

  3. kelihatan kaya ga pakai softlens matanya
    sukkaa deh >.<

  4. Aku sukaa deh natural bgt kayak engga pake softlens :D

  5. aku punya neo dali brown yg biasa, kyny mirip :o atau mmg sama ya? XD
    natural bgt ya hasilnya hihi..

    1. Mungkin yg Dali 2 Brown kah? Design nya hampir mirip semua sih wkwk iya natural bgt ce xD

  6. Your skin looks so good in these pictures! I love the natural makeup look on you. This kind of lens is nice because it's not so obvious, but it still enhances your eyes :)

    1. Eh no no, actually I wear foundation instead of bb cream in these pictures, so it gives more coverage lol :P Yeah you are right hihi! Thanks for your comment ^^

  7. it looks so natural and subtle!! pretty ^_~

  8. Too boring for my tastes. I ONLY DO BOLD. //FLIPS HAIR
    They look adorabies on you though. *A* Super natural, like said, but not for me. :'>
    Thank you for reviewing! <3

    1. Yeah it looks quite boring lol :P And thank you so much ♥

  9. These lenses look perfect on you *^* btw I love your makeup >3<♥

  10. Awesome review :) I just wanted to ask you about these lenses since I got a pair about the time you did your review from the same website however the packaging on mine is different :( And now they're out of stock with these so I ordered from HONEYCOLOR and the packaging is still the same as the one I got before. I'm really scared about wearing them now, do you have any suggestions? Oh and I live in London.

  11. Its really cute and natural! but I think if the lens have more diameter are more cute <3 like chocho choco of I fairy x3

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