Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tutorial: f(x) Sulli - Etude House 'And Rose' Collection Inspired Makeup

Hello everyone~
Okay, some of you might already know that my favorite Korean beauty brand Etude House recently released some promotion pictures of f(x)'s Sulli for their new Autumn line, 'And Rose' collection. The photo shoot was inspired by Disney Sleeping Beauty. Basically the main point of her makeup look is focusing on the lips. And I am so in love with her first makeup look, she looks totally different, like an innocent princess! So.. I decided to recreate her makeup look~

And actually I have uploaded some pictures of me with this makeup look on my Instagram
a few days ago, but sorry I just had a chance to post this tutorial on my blog today because I got a problem with my internet connection lately duh! And this is my first picture tutorial! I am really sorry for the wrong numbering, I did it in the middle of the night and I was so sleepy lol XD But I hope you still enjoy it~

And you are done~!
But unfortunately I did not have a white rose ring like her lol XD

Products used:

- Nature Republic Super Origin Complete CC Cream - Brightening
Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream
- Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer #3
- Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer
Holika Holika Luminous Silk Aura Pact
- Nymph Aura Volumer + Tony Tint #Cherry Pink (as a blush)

- Geo Bambi Princess Mimi - Almond Brown
- Nyx Eyeshadow Base - Skin Tone
Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color - Strawberry Chiffon Cake
- MUA Undress Me Too Palette
- Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner - Black
- Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner #07
- Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express Mascara

- Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream (as a lip concealer)
- Tony Moly Tony Tint #Cherry Pink

What do you think?? I hope you are not bored to see my silly pictures lol XD

By the way, are you interested to try this new collection from Etude House??
Actually I did not really like bold lips, and I do not know why but I am interested to try the lip colors number 5 and 7. What about you??

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day, girls ^^

See ya~ 


  1. pengen nyobain juga lipsticknya... wrna lipsticknya cntik...
    btw, nice tutorial... ;)

    1. iya tapi itu bikin bibir jadi kering >_< thank you yaaa ^^

  2. Nice tutorial.
    Cakep looh hehehe

  3. double eyelid-nya bikin ngilerrrrrr >.<

    1. satunya double tapi satunya lagi enggak lho ce wkwk :P

  4. What a pretty look! The lips are so fun!

    fashion and tea

  5. I love how you did on the lips! so cute ^_~

  6. I love the look you created! I'm looking forward to the new collection a lot and I love the promo picture you based this look on. Thanks for this tutorial ^^

    1. Aww thank you so much~ Yeah me too, I'm really excited for this new collection ^^

  7. tingkat kemiripan 75%
    warna lip tint-nya terkesan agak berat sis, hehe :D
    aku jadi tertarik pengen punya concealer untuk menutupi noda-noda yg menggangu

    1. iya soalnya lip tint ku kalau pake tipis2 malah keliatan jadi pink, bukan merah hehe jd terpaksa pakenya tebel :P thanks for your comment ^^

  8. omg you look so kawaii, love how the way you recreated sulli's look!♡

    (Join my blog International Giveaway ♡! 21 items- lots of Japanese makeup and beauty products including cosmetics from Diamond Beauty, Candydoll, Dollywink, etc!)

    1. Aww thank you so much dear ♡
      Okay, I will check it out asap! Thanks for inviting me ^^

  9. suka eye makeupnya laaaa, cakep amaaat hihi nice one sayang <3

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