Saturday, April 27, 2013

Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color

Hello everyone!
Sorry I've been MIA for almost a month. Did you guys miss me? Lol XD
Yay finally, I've completed all of my school things and now I'm totally FREE! Just waiting for my graduation day in next June. Errr actually you can call me as an unemployed for now, my activities during this week are very similiar like a pig!
Eating, sleeping. Eating, sleeping. And also watching K-dramas until midnight. Ughh I guess I have to look for other useful activities, right? T____T

Okay.. so, here I'm finally back into blogging woohoo! And let's start with my review of Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color~
Actually I got this Korean product from 'Etude Time 3' event in Surabaya a few months ago.

It comes in five colors:
* PK001 - Blueberry Cheese Cake
* PK002 - Strawberry Chiffon Cake
* OR202 - Peach Sugar Cake
* RD301 - Raspberry Mousse Cake
* OR201 - Orange Choux Cake
And I got mine in PK002 - Strawberry Chiffon Cake.
It sounds so yummy, huh?? XD

Omo the packaging is super duper uper cute~♥ It looks and smells like a sweet strawberry cupcake, so.. sometimes I want to eat / lick it lol (≧▽≦)
So, I must admit that Etude House is the best in cute packaging. Do you agree with me~?

Well.. This product is very versatile and perfect for travelling, because you can use it as a cream blush, lip color or cream eyeshadow.

When I opened the cap for the first time, I think the texture is same as other lip balms, but heeey I was wrong! Actually the texture of this product is creamy, but NOT as creamy as their promo pic errr >_< Honestly I thought the texture is same as their Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base, and I think it would be more interesting, eh?
But it's ok la, since the texture is not too bad for me ^^

Actually the color of this product is soft nude pink.. But while in the tin, the color looks deeper than the actual color ∑(゚Д゚)

And here is the swatch on my hand~

After you blend it, it will turn into a powdery texture. And the finish is matte, so I really love to use it as a cream blush. It looks so natural and pretty on my cheeks, and the staying power is also good, approximately for about 8 hours.

Actually I don't like to use it as an eyeshadow, because it's not pigmented on my eyelids! Uhmm.. but sometimes, I also use it as an eyeshadow base.

And for my lips.. Since the consistency of this product is matte powdery, it would make my lips look very very chapped!! asdfghjkl ;___;
So I prefer to use a lip balm before using it, and a clear lip gloss on the top.

Overall, I prefer to use this product as a blush on my cheeks, rather than a lip color / eyeshadow.
But unfortunately, I really hate to dip my fingers to scoop out the product. So, I really recommend you to to use a brush~

 Love :
Cute packaging.
✩ A versatile product: for cheeks, lips and eyes.
✩ Easy to use.
✩ Pretty soft pink color.
✩ Smells so sweet, but not too strong.

 Hate :
✩ Unhygienic!
✩ I don't really like to use it on my lips and my eyelids >_<

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day, girls ^^

See ya~ 


  1. setuju bagusnya buat di pipi aja, di mata sama lippie agaknya ngag cocok

    aku follow ya dear

    1. iya bener bangeeet, rasanya agak2 maksa deh kalo dipake di bibir sama di mata >_<
      thank you, I'll follow you back ^^

  2. I got this in blueberry cheese cake! But I actually like the colour you have better now! >.<
    I agree, it's not really suitable for the lips, but nice as a blush :D

    1. Oh really? But yeah the color is so pretty for me, especially when I use it as a blush ^^
      Now I really want to try the orange choux cake lol XD
      Yup! Seriously, I don't like to use it on my lips >__<

  3. the color is so cute and lovely ^_~

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I wish blogspot allowed us to edit comments. >w< But it looks so cute, and the color is gorgeous! Too bad that it wouldn't match my complexion. >_< Thanks for the review! I just followed you, and I'm looking forward to your future reviews! ^_^
      Please check out my blog!

    2. Yeah, me too! I really hate when I made a typo when I posted a comment sigh~ >_<
      Thank you so much dear, I'll visit your blog soon! ^^

  5. Same flavor color that i bought last last week, i agree with you i love it too when you put it on your cheeks. :D

    1. Wow really? Yeah.. I guess it looks so pretty on your cheeks, right?? ^^

  6. hi, i'm an italian girl, i really enjoy your post and i have a question for you. Are you able to translate the ingredients list in english? I need this information before buy this product but i can't find anywhere. thank you so much for pay attention.

  7. I think its a good option if your like the natural make up :D thanks fot the review, this item its not avaible with my seller UvU!

  8. wanginya kayak strawberry? >,<
    ah cantik banget warnanya yaa :) nice review ^^

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