Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tutorial: 4minute Hyuna "Is It Poppin" MV Inspired Makeup

Hello everyone!
Well.. 4minute released their new music video "Is It Poppin?" last week, have you seen it yet?? Their new hip-hop song is so catchy, and honestly I prefer this song than their previous song "What's Your Name?". And I admit that Hyuna always caught my eyes! Actually I am not a huge fan of Hyuna, but she looks so much better and more fresh with darker hair color. So.. I got inspired to try her makeup look, just for fun! 
Okay this is my first K-Pop inspired tutorial, I am not a pro and I am still learning, so please forgive me for all my mistakes lol xD

Yeah I know that I am not as pretty as her lol and pardon my dry fluffy 'lion' hair, I've had a super bad hair day at the time duhh >__<

Actually my lip color looks different from her, because I did not have any hot-pink lip tint, so I use my red lip tint and also hot-pink lipstick from local brand instead lol xD

As you can see in the picture below, my bare face (left) looks so pale and
pimples are everywhere on my face errr -__-

Sorry for different lighting >_<

So, here is my amateur video tutorial lol but I hope you still enjoy it ^^

Products used:
- Nature Republic CC Cream
- Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream
- Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer
- Candy Doll Mineral Face Powder
- Bihada Ichizoku Cheek Blush - Beige

- Geo Princess Mimi - Sesame Grey
- Etude House Drawing Eyebrow
- NYX Eyeshadow Base
- MUA Undress Me Too Palette
- Maybelline Gel Eyeliner - Black
- Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express Mascara

- Maybelline Baby Lips - Smoothing Cherry
- Tony Moly Tint - Cherry Pink
- Purbasari Lipstick - 2008

What do you think about this makeup look, girls??
Thanks for reading + watching, and have a lovely day ^^

See ya~ 


  1. imut banget, la, tutorialnya jg jelas ^^

    1. thank you ce, cuma iseng2 doang kok ini xD
      aduh dibilang imut sama orang imut rasanya nyes ya wkwk
      tapi masih jauh banget lho sama ce rini yg wajahnya mirip kayak artis korea beneran hihi <3
      ayo ce bikin video tutorial juga dong, aku pengen belajar korean makeup look dari cc :p

  2. Lala ayuuuuuu.. GOOD JOB! :D Lagi la lagiiii~

    1. thank you yaa ce sab, aduh ini cuma iseng2 doang kok hehe tapi ntar kapan2 tak usahain bikin lagi deh xD

  3. cute >.<
    eman pooolll ada jerawat2 d forehead :( semoga cepat lari itu jerawat2nya :D

    1. thanks ce ^^
      wkwk iya itu gara2 kebanyakan makan coklat >_<

  4. I was looking for a tutorial on this yesterday actually! :D I LOVE all of their makeup in that video, especially her and Gayoon's lip color!!! :D I love this kind of tutorial on kpop makeup. Please do more :) you look cute!

    1. Yeah me too! They looks so gorgeous in that video, and I agree that Gayoon's lip color is so lovely and pretty <3
      Aww thank you so much dear! I'll try to do more next time ^^

  5. OH MY GOSH !!! You're freaking awesome. I wish i could do such a this thing to my face since i'm not rally good at make up things. Seriously ! Good Job..^0^

    1. Aww thanks a lot! Actually I am still learning hihi :P
      Btw, I have watched your cover video of this song on your Youtube channel! OMG you are such a good singer, and you did Hyuna's rapping part very well! And honestly my voice is very bad err lol xD

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  9. OMG Lala you look soo cute in this tutorial! X))
    Where did you buy the color lens and what color is it?!
    Please check out my Sohyun's version too!! >>.<<

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