Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Geo Tricolor Green (CM-903)

Hello everyone~
Yes I know it's been ages since my last review, and I am really sorry for that!
Some of you might already know that my camera was broken, but fortunately my dad bought me a new camera a few days ago yay~ I am not as rich as you think to buy a new camera whenever I want, you know! >_<

So.. kindly sent me another pair of circle lenses last March, but sorry I delayed this review for a long time duhh! Actually I have received the lenses since last February, but unfortunately I got the wrong prescription, and they sent me the replacement lenses. Wow I still can not believe how good their service is!
And this time I chose Geo Magic CM-903.

Power Range: 0.00 to -10.00
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 38 - 42 %
Duration: 1 year disposable

In this series, there are 5 different colors available~
Source : Geo Coloured Lenses

This is the first time for me to try green lenses, because I usually prefer brown or grey lenses, but this time I decided to try something new and different lol xD

Okay start from here, all pictures below were taken with my new camera teehee~

It looks really visible on my dark eyes more than I thought, these lenses also do not have a visible dark outer ring, and the green color blends very well on my eyes! Actually I do not recommend you to try these lenses if you want to get an obvious dolly-eye effect, because it just gives you a natural look! And it doesn't give you an enlargement effect to your eyes as well, since the diameter is only 14.2 mm la.

These lenses are very comfortable on my eyes and I did not have any problems, although I did not wear them for more than 5 hours.
By the way, my eye makeup in this post was inspired by Park Bom from 2NE1's new music video 'Falling In Love' lol I know it looks a bit different from her makeup look. But what do you think, girls? Do you want me to upload the tutorial? Just let me know ^^

Overall rating :

Design: 星星星星

 Color: 星星星

Enlargement: 星星

Comfort: 星星星星

Are you interested to try these lenses?? PURCHASE HERE!
And I also have a good news for you, because it's on sale right now!
From USD 33.90, now only USD 20.90!! (you save USD 13.00)

For more information, please visit here:
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Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day girls ^^

See ya~ 


  1. The contacts look good on you. I used to wear green contacts, but I think I look like a fly, so I never wear those again xpp

    Hey, I'm hosting a giveaway. You can win outfit of your choice and cute DAISO products. Come and join here!

    Dreamy Princess

    1. Thanks a lot! Lol if so, I think you looks cute with brown lenses :P

      Thank you for inviting me, I'll check it out asap :)

  2. geo tricolor is one of my favorite lenses to wear! i have brown and green and they're always very comfortable :)

    1. Yeah I agree with you! Now I'm interested to try other colors, especially the brown one lol xD

  3. mirip eye candy ya trnyata, la :D

    1. Waduh sebenernya aku kurang tau yg eye candy ce hehe tapi ini barusan search di google sih iya hampir mirip, mungkin diameternya yg beda kali yaa, but thanks for the info :D

  4. Warnanya cocok sama matamu <3 hehe.
    Jd pengen beli geo lens juga nih XD Tp sayangnya waktu itu pernah coba geo angels dan ternyata ga cocok dimataku. Kyk ada yg ngeganjel gitu :(
    Btw, I love your review. *Followed your GFC* hehehe.


    1. hehe thank you <3
      oya? wah kalo aku kebalikannya, aku malah agak ga cocok kalo pake lens merek lain :P ya dicoba aja dulu yg series lainnya geo, barangkali aja kali ini cocok :D
      thanks yaaa, I'll follow you back ^^

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