Sunday, March 31, 2013

Recent Haul x 1st Video x Daily Life Update

Hello everyone!
I think I'm going to say 'Hello April' earlier, since I'll be MIA (again) until mid-april.
Ughh okay okay I know, you might have noticed that I've been MIA for almost a month in this March, sorry.
I'll tell you the reason later. So, I hope you read this post until the end!

First, I'll show you my late recent haul in January and February~
I didn't bought too much, because from January until now I didn't have time to shopping at all, seriously! I'm too busy with my school things ughhh (≧д≦)

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit
Hada Labo Gokyujun Ultimate Moisturizing Facial Wash
Etude House Drawing Eyebrow - Grey Brown

Dove Go Fresh Body Wash - Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena
Garnier Pure Active Multi Action Foam
Etude House Lip Perfume - Apple
Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk - OR206

The Body Shop Fragrance Mist - Atlas Mountain Rose
The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion
The Body Shop Shiso Whitening Night Treatment

And I also uploaded my haul video on Youtube! Lol yeah this is my first video~ Just for fun! Actually I split them into 3 parts, and I recorded them on different days (after school). So, pardon my bare face, my different clothes and hairstyles lol (≧▽≦)
I'm really sorry for bad quality (because I only use my webcam), and sorry for my bad grammar & all of my weird movements, I also forgot to look at the camera >__<

If you don't mind, please support and subscribe my Youtube channel!
Psst.. I'll subscribe you back ^^



I won a giveaway from ce Phanie (Diary Of A Product Junkie)~

Etude House Shini Star Lip Balm - #1 Peach
Etude House Shini Star Lip Balm - #2 Grape Fruit
BBW PocketBac - Brownie Mix
Etude House Juicy Pop Tube - #3 Cherry Soda
Etude House Juicy Pop Tube - #5 Orange Soda

And I also won a giveaway from Alex & Joyce (Carousel Street)~

Dariya Palty Hair Dye - Milk Tea Brown
I can't wait to try it after I graduate from senior high school in next May lol (≧▽≦)


Random daily life update :

I've finished all of my practice exams and school exams, also a lot of tryouts!
So, I'll face the national final exams on next 15 - 18 April...
and 20 April is my 18th birthday, but I'm going to Bali island with my schoolmates on that day. Omo I want to be 17 forever lol
And honestly, I'm tired and stressed now! I'm nervous and afraid as well.. because for the final exams, I'll sit on the FRONT bench, face to face with 2 teachers on their seats ughhh ;____; I've been trying to prepare myself, so that's why I couldn't update this blog for a long time!
But the good thing is... I was able to save almost all of my money yay! I was planning to buy a DSLR camera after I finish my final exams with my savings, but it would be so much better if there's someone willing to buy me one as my birthday gift lol *slapped~  But the important thing is.. my wallet is very very fat and thick now haha (≧▽≦)

Btw, I got a stye in my right eye since last Friday *sigh~ ∑(>Д<)
It's also known as hordeolum or bintitan / timbilen in Indonesian.

Yeahh, my right eyelid was swollen and it hurts!!
So, am I look ugly? I guess I look like a boxer lol (≧▽≦)

Okaaaaay, that's all for today~
Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day girls ^^

P.S : Happy Easter!

See ya~ 


  1. semangattt buat UN nya la ^^
    and congrats for freebiesnya XD

  2. IMO, you should take another video with higher resolution :) for a better video..
    anyway good luck for your national exam :D

    1. lol okay I'll use my camera for my future videos XD

      thank you :)

  3. Semangat ya UN nya ^^
    btw aku nominasiin kamu buat Versatile Blogger Award, cek disini ya

    1. thanks a lot yaa~ bakal aku cek secepatnya kok ^^

  4. lovely hauls! I want the holika too ^_~

    1. Thank you! Well, the Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream is my fav BB cream for now, so you should try it too ^^

  5. Thank you <3

    Sure, I'll visit your blog asap ^^

  6. Love your haul <3 Especially the Etude House Juicy Pop Tubes :)

    1. Thanks! Uhmm actually I got the Juicy Pop Tubes from a giveaway lol xD

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