Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review: Talika Eye Therapy Patch

Hello everyone! ^^
Every weekend I always staying up all night to watch K-dramas, and because it's a long weekend now, yesterday I watch 'Faith' till 2.00 AM and woke up at 7.00 AM today. So, it aggravates the dark circles under my eyes ughh~ And my solution to reduce them is..... Talika Eye Therapy Patch!

I got a box of them because I won 2nd place in Talika's contest in last July, and I've used this product several times. Btw, you can read what I got as the prizes HERE. Sorry for delaying this review for a long time~ (^ε^)

*1 box contains 3 pairs*

Info (from their website) :

Spectacular reduction of under eye wrinkles in just 30 minutes!
Eye Therapy is the first cosmetic application of a post surgery, technologial discovery, offering exceptional features, benefits and efficiency :
-controlled and progressive release of active ingredients.
-spectacular results.
This reusable patch, spectacularly reduces all trace of fatigue appearing under the eyes. It's a pleasant, effective, natural and comfortable solution for combating wrinkles, circles and under-eye puffiness.

Behind the packaging, there are instructions of how to use this product in English and French~

1. Open sachet and remove patch from protective film.
2. Apply patch to cleansed skin under the eye.
3. Leave on for 30 minutes.
4. Remove patch and replace on protective film.
Put the film in the case for re-use.

Aghh btw can't you see my irritation skin? The weather in Surabaya is very very HOT everyday!! No rain! No snow! My sensitive skin couldn't stand this hot weather, so.. the whole of my face is almost full of small bumps! Aghh my skin looks like the raw chicken skin now. OMG what should I do?! This time is even worse than my previous skin irritation!! Help me! (≧д≦)

Ok back to the topic, this product is re-usable up to 3 - 5 times, as long as the patch still has the stickiness.
It should be recommended for use it at night for 30 minutes per day for 3 weeks, but I'm too lazy and use it only when my eyes looks tired lol (≧▽≦). I often use it in the morning before I go to school / at night before I go to sleep.

After that, I noticed that my dark circles are slightly reduced, but they didn't completely dissapear. They also claimed that it could reduce wrinkles, but I didn't have any, so.. sorry I don't know whether it's true or not. (´Д`;)

 Love :
 Easy to use.
 Re-usable up to 3 - 5 times.
 Slightly reduced my dark circles.

 Hate :
✩ Expensive.
✩ My dark circles didn't completely dissapear.

 Overall rating : 3/5 : 

For alternative, you can use cucumber / frozen spoons! Actually, sometimes I put 2 frozen spoons on my eyes in the morning, because I watch Yoona did the same step in her K-drama 'Love Rain' lol ( ̄∀ ̄)

So, have you ever tried the eye patch before, girls??

PS: Did you notice a little change on my blog? Yeah, I made a new simple header today~ What do you think about it? ^^

Thanks for reading, and happy holiday!
See ya~ 


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  2. Thank you <3
    Ok, I'll check it out soon :)

  3. Ah, seandainya ada salju di Indonesia *OOT*.. Abis kelar pake berasa lengket ga? ^_^

    1. wkwk iya ce, pasti enak kalo ada salju >_< nggak ada rasa lengket sama sekali kok ^^

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