Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review: Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick - 132M

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday to all of you~ ^^
Aghh sorry I didn't post anything lately, I'm super busy!! But today I'm back with another 'quick' review lol (≧▽≦)
I won Lizzie Parra's giveaway in last August and I got a Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick & Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield in sample sizes. So, I think I should review this famous lipstick to all of you. I know, sorry for delaying this review for a long time >_<

I got a Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick in 132M - Coral In Love~

 And to be honest, this is my first Lancome product because their prices are very pricey especially for a high school student like me ughh (≧д≦)

Benefits (from the website) :

- Comfortable, ultra light texture that feels like a second skin.
- Up to 6 hours of wear.
- Smooth and soft lips, thanks to nourishing and repairing oils.
- Medium to full coverage provide high color pay off with long lasting shine.

Here's the swatch on my hand~

The texture is creamy, and it moisturizes my chapped lips very well~

My bare lips:

After applied on my lips:

It looks very natural, right? It's so perfect for everyday wear!! (^~^)
I totally love this lipstick and I wish I could try another shades of this lipstick someday~!


 Love :
 Natural & pretty color.
 Glides smoothly on my lips.
 Moisturizes my chapped lips.
✩ Doesn't feel heavy on my lips.
✩ Lasts for a long time.

 Hate :
✩ Expensive!!

 Overall rating : 4/5 : 

So.. have you tried this lipstick before, girls??
Thanks for reading ^^

See ya~ 


  1. Replies
    1. sorry, I don't know the exact price because I got it for free from a giveaway ^^

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