Thursday, November 22, 2012

Etude House Princess Etoinette ♥

Hello princesses~
Yeah I know, I know.. I guess almost every girls in the world might have known about this hot topic,  huh?
So, my favorite Korean beauty brand 'Etude House' just launched their new collection for holiday 2012, and I found that most of Beauty Bloggers have posted about this line, but I guess it wouldn't hurt you if I also post and share about this line to all of you, right? lol (≧▽≦)

Actually I knew about this new line when I watch their new video on Youtube 2 days ago~

And I'm madly in love with this new line~! Super cuteeeeeeeeee!! (^ε^)

For more info, just click on the pics below~

에튀아네뜨 크리스탈 샤인 립스 - Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips

에튀아네뜨 하트 블러셔 - Etoinette Heart Blush

에튀아네뜨 하트 하이라이터 - Etoinette Heart Highlighter

에튀아네뜨 크리스탈 파우더 - Etoinette Crystal Powder

에튀아네뜨 베르사유 네일즈

에튀아네뜨 로즈 브러쉬 - Rose Brush

에튀아네뜨 러블리 퍼퓸 캔들 - Perfumed Candle

에튀아네뜨 버블 배쓰 바 - Bubble Bath Bar

에튀아네뜨 브러쉬 컬렉션 - Brush Set

에튀아네뜨 프린세스 파우치 - Pouch

에튀아네뜨 프린세스 거울 - Mirror

에튀아네뜨 프린세스 헤어 브러쉬 - Hair Brush

Two thumbs up for the super cute & princess-y packaging! I'm sure that all these products will make you feel like a princess. ( ̄∀ ̄)
I want to buy all of these products, but I didn't have any money *sigh~ Aghh honestly I'm so envy with their new pink birds, because I think they'll try these products for free, huh? lol (≧▽≦)
And the products that I added to my wishlist are their blush, perfumed candle & bubble bath bar~ I really really want to try them!! How about you, girls?? ^^

See ya~ 


  1. OMG!!! This collection is SO super cute :) I want it all!!

  2. OMG! How cute is the nail polish? And the stickers?;AAA;
    I want the heart highlighter and blush too D:
    Ahh I need more money .__.

    1. Yup, they're very very cute ;A; It seems that we should try to save our money from now on, right? >_<

  3. Produknya cantik-cantik banget! OwO jadi ngiler ngeliatnya >.< pengen ngoleksi juga

    1. hihi iya cute2 semua >_< btw, thanks for visited ^^

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah I agree with you ^^
      Thanks for invited me, I'll check it out asap :) xx

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