Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sweet 17th Bday part 1 x Titanic 3D x GA Winner ♥

~Happy 17th Birthday to Me~

Last Friday was my sweet 17th birhday, and I didn't have time to celebrate it, so I celebrated it yesterday. o(^▽^)o
So, I decided to held a somekind of birthday party, well.. it just an ordinary restaurant dinner in Pizza Hut, actually. Honestly, nothing much happened except eating and gossiping with my friends lol. (^▽^)
And actually I brought my camera on me, but I forgot and didn't take any pictures! Geez! Sorry, how stupid I am!! (*´Д`)=з

And after that, we decided to watched Titanic 3D.

Mehh, I regretted why I watched that movie >,<
They said "Experience it like never before". But in fact, I've already watched it over and over again. And I didn't really find quite a lot of 3D effects in that movie, I just found the 3D effects only at the title in the beginning and subtitles. I prefer to watch it on TV. (¬ _ ¬")

Btw, big thanks to everyone who have wished me a happy birthday, it meant a lot to me!! (˘˘ʃƪ)♥

And now... it's time to announce the lucky winner of my 1st giveaway! (^з^)
In this giveaway, a total of 896 entries were received! Woaa that's a loooot than what I've expected before! So thank you so much everyone who participated in my giveaway. (*^o^*)
I've used to pick the winner!

Soooooo, the lucky winner is..........


No. 54!!!!

Congrats Nisha!!
I've already contacted you, and please email me your address within the next 48 hours with your shipping details.
If she don't respond in time, I'll pick another winner.

For those who didn't win this time, please don't be disappointed and sad because don't worry I'll be hosting another giveaways again!
So stay tuned for more giveaways coming very very very soon, I promise!
Once again, thank you so much to the people who participated and of course to my new followers. I love you so much, girls ♥

Thanks ^^


  1. happy birthday :)
    and congrats to the winner !

  2. yaah..I'm not that lucky winner..
    anyways, happy birthday lala! :D

    1. Don't worry, please stay tuned for another giveaway :)
      Thanks hun :D

  3. aa bukan aku ih T_T #halah
    congrats buat mbak nisha :D

  4. Happy Birthday for last week hun! I seen the Titanic so many times is well and I wanted to go see it in the cinema with the girls as it's in 3D,films are always better in the cinema I think but seeing as you said there isn't much of a difference I might just watch it at home,save money lol :)


    1. Thank you so much dear ;)
      Yeah I'm not satisfied with that movie >,< Lol I think you better save your money :P

  5. Happy Birthday dear :D
    wish all the best for you..

    and congrats to the winner :)

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    I just found it!!!

    I made a blog recently as well!!I would really appreciate it if you check it out and follow if you like it!!!
    Thank you!!

  7. happy birthday ♥♥:)
    and congrats to the winner !

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