Monday, April 9, 2012

[Sponsored Review] Skin Food Tomato Jelly Lip Tint

Hi everyone! As you can see from the title of this post, yes this post is gonna be my FIRST sponsored review!! Yay~ xD
First of all, thank you so much to for sponsored my blog. Well for this time, actually I asked them first to sponsoring my blog and they agreed. They have a large variety of authentic Korean, Japanese and another cosmetics with affordable prices!! MyLovelySister is located in Jakarta (Indonesia) and unfortunately they ship to Indonesian residents only *sorry for international readers :(
Btw, just remember, I'm not being paid to do this review and this is 100% my honest opinion. (˘˘ʃƪ)
So, now I'm going to review about Skin Food Tomato Jelly Lip Tint. kindly sent me that product in shade #2 - Berry (pink).

I was really excited and I didn't have to wait long since the shipping was soooo fast!! And the items are always packed carefully and safely with bubble wrap, fragile notice and cardboard.
More about shipping and terms & conditions on here.


What it claims :
This lip tint gel with tomato extract nourishes and moisturizes lips, while giving a long-lasting flush to lips.


I tried to swatch it on my hand with one swatch and two swatches . Mehh, I'm not sure if you can see the swatches very well from that bad quality picture, sorry. ( ́_̀ )

*click to zoom*

I forgot to apply my lipbalm before, and I used it on my super chapped lips, and do you know what happened next? This lovely baby is moisturizes my lips very well!! It surprised me~ (>3<)
Wow it means, I can skip applying my lipbalm if I'm too lazy! Lol (^∇^)
And here is how it looks on my lips~

*pardon my crappy lips LOL*

As you can see, this baby gives a quite nice pink effect, but still natural. I'm so happy because I can wear it at school! (^з^)

Actually it also comes in 3 shade variations :

Love :
Moisturizes my chapped lips very well. It stays well on my lips for several hours without any retouch. It gives a quite nice natural pink effect, so I could wear it at school.
Didn't feels sticky and heavy on my lips.
Smells so yummy.

Hate : Boring packaging.

Overall rating : 4/5 :

Buat kamu yg tinggal di Indonesia yg lagi nyari produk Korea/Jepang dll yg ready stock, aku rekomendasiin buat belanja di!! Daripada mesti nunggu PO, kelamaan~ eh disitu sebenernya juga nerima PO sih wkwk xD . Eh tapi beneran deh, belanja disitu nggak bakalan rugi loh, kalo kamu beli agak banyak ntar dapet bonusan sample gratis loh *banci gratisan* haha :p . Pelayanannya jg memuaskan, km bisa tanya2 dulu, sis Ai Ni & Evelyn ramah2 kok nggak bakalan nggigit *eh ._. bungkus paketnya juga rapi+rapet loh demi keamanan barang kita :3 . Pokoknya best & trusted seller deh!
Untuk info lebih lengkapnya lagi, check disini yaa :)


See ya my red berry macaroons~


  1. Cute you! ;) And a nice review!

  2. looks great on you! :)

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  4. thanks for the review..
    pengen deh beli beberapa produk korea, tapi takut salah pilih reseller, thanks for the suggestion ;)

    1. iya sama-sama cantik, seneng deh kalo aku bs mbantu ;)

  5. I sure do love lip tints, didn't know skin food carries lip products though :O

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  7. And now you know :D
    Just try them out, not bad compared with another brands ;)

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