Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hi everyone! Sorry if you couldn't visit my blog yesterday. Yes if you followed my twitter, I bet you'd already know what has happened to me, I mean to my blog. Since I've use Photobucket for a super looooong time actually, and ALL MY PICTURES on this blog came from Photobucket too. And if you joined my giveaway and if you've put my giveaway's pic on your sidebar, you can see that my giveaway's pic doesn't appear on your sidebar. I just realized that Photobucket sent me an email and said that I've exceeded the limit on my Photobucket and my images temporarily disabled and will be reactivated on the 22nd of the month, when my bandwidth usage resets to zero, or I need to upgrade my Photobucket to a Photobucket Pro account.
Well.. I think for images, it's very very annoying! Seriously, so much artifacting makes me sick. Oh damn, I regretted why I use Photobucket to upload my images!!
Omg I'm so confused what should I do now :(


  1. Hey! :)

    I have awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award.
    Check out here:

    Kelly xx.

    1. Okay I'll check it out ASAP :)
      Thanks a lot :D

  2. oh :(
    only you have to wait :(
    really its looks bad when images dissapears

    hugs ♥

  3. Now I understand why there's a weird image on my sidebar! :P
    There's no problem with that, you just have to wait 6 more days! Or maybe you should start to use other image hosting site! I just know that there's one named Image Shack, but I don't know if it's what you're looking for... I'd help you more to find a good site, but I don't understand much about this kind of thing, sorry!

    Good luck and keep up the excellent work you're doing on this blog! :D

    1. Aww sorry about the sidebar, I feel so bad you know :(
      Yes, I have to wait and actually I hate waiting ><
      Oh I've heard about Image Shack before, but I've never tried it .
      Ah it's ok, thanks for your suggestion dear :)

      Thank you so much *kisses ♥

  4. That's sad.. Hope you can get your image access soon :)

  5. ooh.. so bad :(
    maybe you should try to upload your images through blogspot uploading feature directly, dear >,<

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