Thursday, February 18, 2016

Review: Aritaum Full Cover Liquid Concealer

Hello everyone!
Today I am finally back with a new review to all of you, and this time I am going to share my review on Aritaum Full Cover Liquid Concealer in #02 Natural Beige that I bought about six months ago.

Description :
Aritaum claims that this liquid concealer is waterproof, sweat proof and smudge proof. It contains rosehip oil complex to moisturize and protect the skin from dryness all day long. It also has the ability to cover large areas (blemishes and pores) with a small amount of the concealer to get a sleek and flawless skin.

Content :
25 ml

Shade :
#02 Natural Beige

Price :
IDR 100.000

Besides BB cream, BB cake and makeup fixer, there are three different types of concealer under their "Full Cover" line; liquid concealer, stick concealer, and cream concealer. And this liquid concealer is only available in two shades, #01 Light Beige and #02 Natural Beige.

The packaging of this concealer is very travel-friendly and hygienic. This concealer comes in a squeeze tube with a twist cap, which is so convenient for me to control the amount of the product that comes out. And this concealer is also quite large and very generous in amount, because it contains 25 ml of the product inside!

As you can see.. I chose the darkest shade of the two, but fortunately this is the right shade which matches my medium skin tone perfectly. And #02 Natural Beige is a shade of beige with yellow undertone in it.

The coverage of this concealer is high - it cancels out any redness, makes my pimples look less visible, and covers my acne scars quite nicely.. and I only need a small amount of this concealer to cover up all of my imperfections.

But however, since this is a full coverage product, the consistency of this concealer is thick and quite heavy. It is also a bit hard to blend, and it might look cakey on your skin if you apply too much or if you do not blend it well enough. Actually I prefer to use my fingertips to blend the concealer, because the body heat from my fingers really helps to melt and blend the concealer more naturally.

This concealer has a matte finish, it is a bit drying and I do not think it moisturizes well like they claims. As the lasting power, it does not stay for a whole day and I did notice some fading after about five hours, but I think it is not a huge problem.

Overall.. I think this concealer is a good deal, since the price is very affordable and you will get a large tube that contains a lot of product inside! It also does have a high coverage and a little goes a really long way. But I do not recommend you to use this concealer under the eye area due to its thick consistency.

So, have you ever tried this concealer?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day ^^

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  1. agree banget sama kamu laa.. aku juga suka coveragenya tapi teksturnya terlalu kental kalau dipakai di bawah mata.. lebih cocok untuk cover bekas jerawat :)