Sunday, August 30, 2015

Review: Beauty Labo Hair Color - Pure Beige

Hey hey everyone~!
Today I am going to share my review of Hoyu Beauty Labo Hair Color in Pure Beige to all of you.

So as you might already know, Beauty Labo is a Japanese hair-dye brand. There are six different colors available in Indonesia; Natural Black, Dark Brown, Natural Blonde, Pure Beige, Candy Apricot, and Raspberry Pink. And as you guys can see, the shade that I have chosen is Pure Beige.

It comes with a cream colorant pack, a cream developer bottle, a plastic nozzle, a pair of protective gloves, and an instruction leaflet inside the box. And unfortunately, it does not come with any after-color treatment or conditioner inside, so you have to use your own hair-treatment product.

Sadly, my current hair condition is super duper bad! My hair is so damaged, dry, and too much hair loss ugh.. I did not want to damage my hair anymore, and I have to let my hair rest from all of those chemical and heat, that is why I gave this hair dye to my friend Flo.

Just for your information, she dyed her hair about two years ago, and her latest hair color looks quite similar like the left picture from the color chart below.

How to Use :
Wear the protective gloves, squeeze the cream colorant into the bottle of cream developer, secure the bottle with the cap and shake it well, replace the cap with the nozzle, and apply it evenly on the roots to the ends of your hair, wait for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Well, Flo asked for my help to dye her hair. But I would not show any pictures of her face on this post for her privacy, so I hope you understand.

One box of this hair dye was more than enough for her medium hair, but you might need more than just one box of this hair dye if you have long or thick hair.

She left it for about 30 minutes on her hair, then she rinsed it with warm water, washed her hair with shampoo, and applied conditioner.

So here is the before-after pictures of her hair after a few washes~ The color does not look too obvious under room lighting, and I think the beige tone would show up much better on bleached hair. Anyway, Flo told me that she prefer natural dark brown color, so she was quite satisfied with the result. But it also made her hair a bit dry, so be sure to treat your hair after hair coloring to prevent any further damage!

This hair dye product is so affordable, you can easily find this Beauty Labo Hair Color at some markets and drugstores in your city for less than IDR 100.000! And it also has various beautiful color selections to choose from, not only those boring dark colors.

Thank you Kawaii Beauty Japan and Beauty Labo ^^


So, have you tried this hair dye product before? And which color is your favorite?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

See ya~  


  1. I never heard about this brand or about this hairdye but it did lighten your friends hair only a little :O And I think all asian hair dye brands damage your hair alot >.< I usually only use hair dyes from European brands but last summer I bought one in Hong Kong and it damaged my hair soo much, my hair was never that damaged before @_@ I think Candy Apricot looks really cute though >.< ♥

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  2. I dye my hair using the Garnier Olia and it leaves my hair so soft and not damaged! The color looks amazing tho on you!


  3. I've never heard of this brand before, but the dye looks really interesting~! The color is super pretty and looks great on you <33

  4. You're hair looks really good!! I should try asian box dyes :D

  5. I wish we have one here in the UK :( But great review!!!


  6. Such a nice color! I like that Raspberry Pink. I wonder if O'Mart carries this... I will have to check!

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