Friday, May 22, 2015

Event: Miracle feat Rever Academy - For Your Eyes Only

Hello everyone!

I was invited by ce Jennie of Miracle Aesthetic Clinic to attend their event with Rever Academy on May 9th, 2015. The event was held in Mataram Room of Sheraton Hotel Surabaya. And here is the event report to all of you guys~ ^^

The event was opened by the MC. And then followed by a beauty talk show with doctor Adrian from Miracle Aesthetic Clinic as the speaker. The theme of the presentation is 'Eye Beauty Perfection'.

The doctor explained about the various problems that we can get around our eye area, such as wrinkles, milia, syringoma, etc. And he also explained some treatments that you can get to treat those eye problems, and all of the treatments are available in Miracle Aesthetic Clinic - for the example like Miracle's Eye Revitalizing Peel that I have tried once, just click here if you want to read my experience!

And just for your information, they are having Miracle Mid Year Festival soon. Get special discount up to 50% and their other special promotions, so save the dates girls!

After the talk show is finished, it is coffee break time~!

And the event continued with a beauty class by Rever Academy. Actually we were asked to bring our own makeup products and tools, but I was too lazy - that is why I came with a full face of makeup on LOL.

The MUA introduced us about Miracle's new false lashes line before she started the beauty class. And Miracle also kindly gave us the chance to try out their false lashes! I got mine in the Triple Maxi one, which is perfect for a dramatic eye makeup look.

The theme of the makeup is flawless korean makeup look, basically it is more focused on the flawless skin with minimum makeup (no makeup makeup look). But to be honest, I think it ended up more like a heavy makeup look for party - rather than a no makeup makeup look. But yeah the result of her makeup is still flawless la~

Here is the before after~ I think the model is already pretty, even without any makeup.

And I was asked to bring three of my friends to this event, so I invited Flo, Novi, and Yesica to come with me. Well, they are my classmates at uni kkk~

My college friends~
From left to right: Flo, Novi, Yesica, me, Venny, and Jessica.

Group photo~

And here is the goodie bag that I received~

Thank you so much Miracle Aesthetic Clinic and Rever Academy for having us ^^


Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!

See ya~