Saturday, May 10, 2014

Eye Revitalizing Peel - Miracle Aesthetic Clinic

Hello everyone!!

Today I am going to share about my third visit to Miracle Aesthetic Clinic~
So you might already know that I have visited their branches in Tunjungan Plaza and Kertajaya Indah before. And they were inviting me again to visit the other branch in MH.Thamrin last Monday with 2 other Bloggers.

Before I share about the treatment, let me share about the short clinic tour to all of you!
Well, the interior design of this clinic is classy and homey.. and yeah somehow it reminds me of hotel rather than an aesthetic clinic lol. So this is the hallway on the first floor~

Couple aesthetic room for facial and peeling treatments~

Single aesthetic room for facial and peeling treatments~

And let's move on to the second floor~!

This is the super cozy waiting room on the second floor, and err I just realized that I did not take any pictures of the lobby area on the first floor, oops sorry! >__<

This is the aesthetic surgery room for any surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, ultra selective body contouring, etc.

Consultation room~

And this is the Visia skin analysis machine, actually I have never tried this machine before but I have heard about this machine since quite a long time ago, and I hope I will get a chance to try it next time kkk~

Ozone therapy room~

Photo room for the before and after of our looks~

Laser room~

Medical room~
And yeah I got my eye treatment in this room ^^

The treatment products in this medical room~

My mirror selca with almost-bare face and messy hair haha I look so different and ugly, eh?? This is why if you are accidentally meet me in real life for the first time when I wear glasses and without makeup, I am sure you would not believe that this is the 'real' me lol.

And oh, there is a connecting door in my room.. and ce Glory in the room right next door, while ce Yennyca in the next room~

As you can see.. they have started their treatments and I was the last one~

And oh.. just for your information, all of us got the same eye treatment, called Eye Revitalizing Peel. And this is an ideal eye treatment for those who have problems around the eyes such as dark circles, wrinkles and dry skin.

The treatment itself was very short and quick, and it only took about 15 minutes o__O

First, the nurse started by removing my eye-makeup~
Oh by the way, this picture below is belong to Miracle Aesthetic Clinic.

 Then the doctor applied peeling gel around the eye area and it stung a little bit, but it was okay la and I could hold it haha.. but please note that it depends on your skin, so you may have a different reaction.

After 5 minutes, the doctor removed the peeling gel and after that, the nurse applied anti-irritation cream. And oh, the doctor told me not to wear any eye-makeup and eye cream for 3 days ughh >__<

And this is the picture of me with the lovely and friendly Dr. Fanny~

From left to right :
Yennyca, me, Dr. Debby, Glory, and Ms. Lala Febriana (marketing manager)

From left to right :
Glory, me, Jennie (corporate marketing), and Yennyca.

And this is my picture with ce Glory and ce Yennyca ♥♥♥

Well.. if you are curious about the result, here is the before-after pictures!
I noticed that the dark circles under my eyes were slightly fading away and my eye area feels soft and supple.

And they also gave us a product which helps to get the maximum result.. TDF Eye Radiance Serum (Age Defense System). I have just started to use this product since yesterday because of my peeling recovery, and I will post about the full review about this product next month to see if it works on me or not, so please stay tuned!

Eye Revitalizing Peel : IDR 300.000
TDF Eye Radiance Serum : IDR 680.000

I know it is quite pricey, right? But if you are interested to try their Eye Revitalizing Peel treatment or purchase the TDF Eye Radiance Serum, you can go to the nearest branch of Miracle Aesthetic Clinic in your town, but you should consult a doctor first to make sure that it is the right treatment or product for you ^^

And don't forget to support Miracle Aesthetic Clinic :

Thanks for reading this post, and have a great day!

See ya~ 


  1. Yg di Thamrin Miracle nya bagus yaa.. Kalo branch yg di TA kan kecil banget, ruangannya juga sempit :P


    1. Iyaa lumayan bagus dan luas tempatnya, kalo yg di dalam mall biasanya agak sempit, sama kayak di Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya hehe :P

  2. I must be crazy (or just really tired) but I don't really notice that much of a difference. Definitely seems like a relaxing experience overall, though!

    1. Ah yeah I understand because you couldn't really see the difference since my dark circles were just 'slightly' fading away lol :P Ah no.. that was not really relaxing tho, because it was super fast (less than 20 minutes!)

  3. Klinik kecantikan Miracle bersih banget. Trus alat-alatnya juga canggih..
    Dikotaku belom ada klinik ini.. Mudahan suatu hari Miracle berdiri dikotaku.

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