Saturday, February 28, 2015

Review: Moon Cats Scarf - Platinum Pompom

A scarf is one of the most versatile accessories in my closet. Well, you can never go wrong with a scarf, right? And I think it is a great way to add a little personality to your outfits without putting in too much effort. Speaking of scarves, now let me introduce you to Moon Cats!

Moon Cats is a fast growing disruptive brand of high quality, yet affordable fashion scarves. They are based in New York's Fashion District and cover the whole product range, from elegant square scarf to warm winter oblong and stylish capes, and even some styles for men. They also recently added trendy gloves, warm beanies and head wraps to their range.

They provide a wide range of trendy scarves for all seasons, and in the end I chose this gray scarf called Platinum Pompom after I spent hours on their website LOL.

Description :

A grey solid scarf with tassels.
With its trendy tasseled edges, this grey soft scarf will instantly illuminate your outfits! This feminine shape and color is perfect to make your transitional styles look dazzling.
Also available in black.
Fabric :
100% polyester

Weight :

4.1 OZ

Size :

Length : 80"
Width : 30"+7"

Look after me :
Hand wash

Price :

Where to buy? :

Purchase HERE

I think the design of this oversized scarf is simple yet beautiful, and the length is just perfect for me (it is totally my style!). This scarf also has an excellent quality and really worth the money, because it is not itchy at all, very soft, lightweight yet warm, and comfortable. Uh-oh, I also love the tassels on the edges of this scarf.

 This scarf is perfect to wear during all of the seasons all year long - especially for those snowy, windy, or rainy days to keep your neck warm. However, I think this scarf might be too light for me in the winter because I personally could not stand the cold, but it does not matter - since I live in a tropical country where we only have 2 seasons all year long here, and it basically feels like summer everyday.. So yeah this is the proof that I could wear this scarf even on a hot summer day LOL.

This versatile scarf goes very well with a variety of outfits.. It looks great with a leather jacket, coat, t-shirt, jeans, short, skirt, legging, or even a dress. And you can also tie and wear this scarf in a lot of different ways.. All you have to do is just be creative!
And these are the examples of my 4 favorite ways to wear this scarf with my casual outfit~

And oh.. if you are interested to buy this scarf, do not forget to use my discount code ADEKUMALA30OFF when you check out - to get 30% off on ALL the scarves!!

They also offer free shipping for all orders in the US, and free exchange & returns.



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