Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Food Frenzy: Myoung Ga - Traditional Korean Restaurant

Hello everyone!
I decided to create a new segment on this blog, called 'Food Frenzy'. And do not worry today I am still going to talk about something related to Korea.. Yup, Korean restaurant!

Well.. actually there are a lot of Korean restaurants in Surabaya, but let me introduce you to my most favorite Korean restaurant ever, called Myoung Ga..

No, no.. please do not get me wrong, I am not trying to be a food blogger now lol I just want to share it to all of you -- especially for those who live outside of Surabaya, because I think this is the best Korean restaurant in town! And I am totally sure you have visited this restaurant at least once if you live in Surabaya la, because this is not a new restaurant (since 2010, if I am not mistaken).

So, I had a lunch date with my dad a few days ago.. Coincidentally, I brought my camera with me and I think it would be such a waste if I did not share the pictures on this blog, right? haha. And actually the main reason why I love this restaurant is because of their free-but-yummy banchan (side dishes) lolol hey who does not love freebies?!

So, these are the free side dishes that served for us~

Musaengchae (무생채) : Radish salad.
Doljaban-muchim (돌자반 무침) : Seasoned dried seaweed.
Kkwarigochujjim (꽈리고추찜) :
Cooked green chili peppers - very spicy and.. weird ugh! >_<

Yangbaechu Kimchi (양배추 김치) : Made from cabbage.
Gamja Jorim (감자 조림):  Glazed baby potatoes.
Sorry there were only 3 left in this picture below because it tastes so good and I really love it haha I will do an experiment to cook this side dish as soon as possible~
Baechu Kimchi (배추 김치) : Made from napa cabbage.

Hoeoligamja (회오리감자) : Tornado potato.
Goroke (고로케) : Mini croquettes.
Gyeran Omelette (계란 오믈렛) : Mini egg omelettes.

And yeah this tornado potato is absolutely my most favorite! Actually this is a Korean street food, but it tastes so yummy and now I am craving for this snack aghh >w<

Beurokolli (브로콜리) : Boiled broccoli.
Ttukbaegi Gyeranjjim (뚝배기 계란찜) : Steamed egg in an earthenware bowl.
I also love this one and I wanna try to cook this steamed egg, but unfortunately I do not have any earthenware bowls with me ughh.. Does anyone have any idea where I could get this kind of bowl in Surabaya?? o__O

And actually we did not order too many dishes because there were only two of us kkk~

Dwaeji Yangnyeom Galbi (돼지 양념 갈비) : Marinated Grilled Pork Ribs.

We ordered these pork ribs because I was craving for pork at that time lol.
And yeah Korean BBQ would not be complete without some fresh greens to wrap up the meat (lettuce, perilla leaves, etc), sliced garlic, onion, sesame oil, gochujang (chili paste) and ssamjang (made from chili paste, soybean paste and other ingredients) as we could usually find in other Korean restaurants.
It was so delicious, and now I am craving for the beef one hehe~

Jajangmyeon (자장면) : Stir-fried noodles with black soybean sauce.

It tastes just like other Jajangmyeon that I have tried in other Korean restaurants before, and err honestly it even tastes exactly the same like the instant one! o__O
It seems a little pricey, but no.. actually the portion was very big and I think this would be more than enough for 2 to 3 people, except if you have an extra large tummy :P

And oh.. I did not order any drinks because they served us free refillable green tea,
and we also got 2 free glasses of fresh blackberry juice yay!! :P

And last but not least.. they also gave us free chocolate and watermelon for dessert~

So we paid IDR. 275.000 which is quite affordable for me, considering the abundance
of free side dishes that we got ^^

- Taste : 8 / 10 -
- Service : 7 / 10 -
- Atmosphere : 8 / 10 -
- Price : 7 / 10 -

I think I will share about my other favorite restaurants only once in a month, since I am not a food blogger and it is very difficult for me to write this kind of post.. As you can see,
I even forgot to take the pictures of their restaurant and menu book lol sorry :P

And if you live in Surabaya, please tell me what is your favorite Korean restaurant ^^

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day~

See ya~ 


Myoung Ga - Traditional Korean Restaurant
Puri Matahari Lt. 2
Jl. HR Muhammad No. 181


  1. yaayy thx reviewnya laaa XD hehe
    kok enakkk dpt minuman jg *Q*
    btw kalian makan berberapa org la?

    1. Iya ce kebetulan waktu itu dapet jus tambahan lagi wkwk tp kayaknya tiap hari ganti2 yaa ._.
      Cuma berdua ce hehe, kebanyakan itu.. harusnya ga pake pesen nasi jg ><

  2. Sooo yummy! I love all the side dishes, especially the potato and kimchi sides! I haven't eaten korean bbq for so long, I really need to!

    1. Hehe me too.. the potato was so yummy! Ah yeah you must visit your nearest Korean restaurant asap :P

  3. Oh man, that all looks so good. I can't wait for the post on those glazed potatoes!! ^_^

    1. Thank you! Yeah actually I did it on the first try last night and it tastes similar! I will share the recipe on my blog as soon as I can ^^

  4. All of the food looks so yummy!!! ^^


  5. uhh jadi pengen >.< kayaknya enak semua ya,kalo ditempat aku tempat masakan korea pada ga enak,ga mirip sm yg aslinya dari penampilannya aja ga enak-enaknya. :(

  6. Ya ampun la..liat menuny bikin ngileeer. Oh ya, waktu itu pernah ke resto korean food. Rasanya kurang suka dan ga cocok di lidah. Mungkin lidahku belom terbiasa


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