Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review: Etude House Juicy Pop Tube #5 Orange Soda

To be honest, I rarely wear a lip gloss. Yes, I am not a fan of lip gloss and I absolutely hate lip gloss, because of their stickiness meh! Sticky lips is not cool, right? And I could even count how many times I wear a lip gloss in my whole life lol~ But I forced myself to try this Etude House Juicy Pop Tube, because Etude House is one of my favorite Korean beauty brands, and I was hoping this product would not disappoint me.

Description : (taken from Korea Depart)
- Contains Grape seed oil, mixed fruit complex, Mango seed oil, Coconut oil.
- Tube-type-lip-gloss with bright and vivid colors that give
soft and glossy effect.

- Treats dull lips to become moisturized lips.
- Sweet fruit scent.

This lip gloss is available in 8 pretty colors :
Blueberry Soda, Watermelon Soda, Cherry Soda, Lime Soda, Orange Soda, Apricot Smoothie, Strawberry Smoothie, and Raspberry Smoothie.

As you can see, I got mine in #5 오렌지소다 (Orange Soda). Well, the good thing of this lip gloss is that it is affordable yay! You can purchase it for around IDR 45.000 - 60.000.

So, it comes in a translucent squeeze tube with a twist cap. Actually I did not like this kind of packaging, I prefer lip gloss with an applicator because it is easier to apply in my opinion. And yeah it smells like sweet orange candy nom~ :3

The consistency is thick but quite watery. Actually it is more hygienic if you use a lip brush to apply this lip gloss, but I am too lazy and I prefer to apply it directly on my lips lol xD

It looks like a bright neon orange from the swatch on my hand and inside the tube, but it turns out to be sheer and not pigmented when you apply it on your lips. It looks almost like a clear lip gloss! So, I recommend you to apply this lip gloss over a lipstick / lip tint.

I did not apply a lip balm on the picture below, because I just want to show you the moisturizing effect of this lip gloss. Yes, it is super moisturizing. It also makes my lips look so glossy and juicy. Duh I hate how thick my lips look like! -__-

And yeah it feels super duper uper sticky! I even could not stand of the stickiness meh
it feels so thick and heavy as well! And oh, I also hate when the wind blows and makes my hair stick to my lips eww! For me, the affordable price and the sweet fruity scent are the only 2 plus points of this lip gloss. So, I just give it 2 out of 5 pink bows! >__<

So, do you like wearing a lip gloss, girls?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day ^^

See ya~ 


  1. aku juga punya yg pink lupa warna apa haha
    tp emang teksturnya bikin kita berasa makan gorengan mulu >_< terlalu thick dan berat ya la T_T
    pdhl sih cukup melembabkan.. ^_^

    1. Iya setujuu! udah berat, lengket pula~ warnanya juga gak pigmented >_<

  2. ak coba ini jg ga suka, lengkeet :/
    warnanya jg krg pigmented sih klo menurut aku >,<
    we've just followed you <3


    1. Iya bener lengkeeeet, sayang ya min nya lebih banyak dari plus nya >_<
      Thank you, I will follow you back ^^

  3. Wah.. Padahal rencana beli ini~ Untung kamu post"~ Jadi tau deh xD
    Thank you for your information !

    I'm your new followers now~ <3
    - -

    1. Hehe you're welcome ^^
      Thanks, I will follow you back asap~

  4. ughhh paling benci sm lip gloss yg bikin lengket rambut tu kyk oriflame q tu jg lengket bgt

    1. iya sama~ rambut sampe nempel di bibir semua ughh >__<

  5. aih makasiii reviewnyaaa.. aku juga benci yg lengket2 jiji gtu T__T

    1. sama-sama ^^
      iya bener, ga enak ya kalo pake lip product yang lengket2 gitu >_<

  6. I can't stand sticky lipgloss either, especially ones with no brush applicator._. Thanks for reviewing this product though, it's a shame it's not that good hehe^-^ x

    1. Yeah me too! >___<
      You're welcome dear, and thanks for your comment ♡

  7. aww.... I don't like sticky lipgloss either... but so many of them are really sticky.

    1. Yup, that is why I did not like lip gloss lol thanks for your comment ♡

  8. Replies
    1. Iya hampir mirip kayak clear lip gloss ini ce >___<

  9. Oh the color is really pretty so bad than is sticky!

    1. Yes, but sadly it is too sheer and it looks almost like a clear lip gloss >__<

  10. I've always want to have an orange lipgloss but this doesn't show any significant orange colour which doesn't really appeal me^^ thank you for sharing the review so next time i won't wasted my money buying this!'

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