Saturday, September 29, 2012

What's in my school makeup bag? (+other school stuffs) ♥

Hello everyone!
So, today I'm going to post about school-thingy related, because this is my last year in senior high school, and I'll graduate next year. Umm I'm sure that I'll miss the days in high school someday ;__;

I always bring my makeup bag to school, even though I already knew that my school didn't allow their students to wear any makeup, but I don't careeeee! But unfortunately most of my friends were obedient to the rules of our school, and it makes me feel like I'm a bad student *sigh~ So I reduced the products in my school makeup bag one by one, because I don't want my teacher to confiscate my makeup bag and call my parents, aha it's not funny! (≧д≦)

So, what's in my school makeup bag?? (^ε^)♪

Handy Clean - Hand Sanitizer

I always bring it to school, it's cheap, easily to absorbed and not sticky. I bought it because it's easily found at the local market near my house.

Mitu Wetties - Antibacterial Wet Wipes

I use it every Tuesday to wipe off my sweat after the gym class.

Lens Case

Actually I didn't wear them to school everyday, usually only 2-3 times a week, because I prefer to wear my glasses. But the mirror is very useful to me~

Mentholatum Acnes - Oil Blotting Paper

It's always in my makeup bag! It's very useful for oily skin types, like mine.

The Face Shop - Facial Mist

It's very refreshing! Sometimes I'd immediately spray it secretly when I was sleepy in class.
You can also read my review about this product HERE.

Candy Doll - Mineral Face Powder

So, I just retouch my face with a bit of powder at school.
You can also read my review about this product HERE.

Some Lippies

1. Tony Moly Tint - Cherry Pink
2. Oriflame Lipstick - Vintage Nude
3. MNY Tinted Lipbalm - Strawberry
4. MNY BabyLips - Smoothing Cherry
You'll look more fresh in the middle of school-time, even only with a lipstick / liptint / tinted lipbalm.
But of course, I chose some lippies with NATURAL colors and brought them to school, or I'll be kick out of my school lol JK~

Vivelle HK Minori - Fragrance Body Mist

For now, I often bring it to school. It smells quite good, cheap, and super cute packaging!! Honestly I didn't like to wear any expensive fragrances just for school lol

1. hair tie  -  2. hair clip for my bangs  -  3. bubble gum


Talk about school.. I think I'll show you about my other school stuffs too~
Well.. I hope you don't get bored when reading this post. (*^ー^)ノ

My school backpack

It's so simple but still looks cute, eh? It's quite big, so it was able to carry all my books and my laptop as well.

My pencil case

I love it so much!! It's pink and very glittery in real life~!

My additional hand bag

Aww it's super cuteee~ but I only bring it every Tuesday for my sport uniform, because it couldn't fit in my school backpack. Ughh I brought too much school stuffs, right?

My polkadot bento bag

And lastly.. My bento box!!

actually I got it with the bento bag as well, but I prefer to use my polkadot bento bag from Daiso~

Well.. I believe that I'll miss all of  my school stuffs one day (TωT )

So, what's in your (school / work) makeup bag, girls?? ^^
And a massive thank you for reading this post, have a lovely day!

See ya~ 


  1. wawwww banyak sekali isinya cc... kalo jaman sy SMA dulu , bw kosmetik tu sesuatu yg ga umum hehe...tapi yang ga bisa ketinggalan d tas yaitu sisir. Kalo pas olahraga baru deh  bawa parfum, pmbersih 1 langkah, n bedak...
    Smoga sukses ya UNAS nya tahun depan... amieeen

  2. wah jadi malu nih, keliatan endel ya? >< aku malah sering lupa bawa sisir, jd ga pernah sisiran kalo lagi di sekolah hehe :P
    amiiin, thank you yaa :)

  3. la, jadi kangen masa sma nieh! hehehe.. btw lucu banget tas sekolahmu :)

  4. hi ade! this is alex from :)
    i just wanted to let you know that you won our back to school giveaway! we sent you an email several days ago (it mightve gone to your spam folder). please let us know that you've received it and CONGRATS!!! :D

    alex @

  5. wkwk mending mengenang masa lalu aja ce :P thank you hehe :D

  6. hi!! I've replied your email~ and thank you so much dear ^^

  7. Wkwkwk XD Ternyata I'm not alone, and you're not alone, Dear :)

    Aku juga ngerasa kayak bad student banget setiap bawa peralatan skin care kayak gitu ke sekolah, dan temen-temen aku cuma bisa geleng-geleng kepala ngeliatnya -_-" Soalnya aku nggak bisa pisah sama sun screen, cologne, dan face wash >o<

    Yang penting tetep belajar yaa, anyway Salam Kenal yaa, i think we're in the same ages :)

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