Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review: Vivelle Hello Kitty Body Lotion

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday to all of you~
Today I'm going to review about my current body lotion from Vivelle. Well.. It's a local brand from Indonesia. And 2 months ago, they launched a new collection with a super cute character. Yes! Hello Kitty~! So.. I bought their body lotion, body wash and 2 body mists a few weeks ago (*^▽^*)

I bought mine in
Keiko (for extra dry skin).

The back of the product~

The description~

The ingredients~

It comes with a 100ml tube and I bought it only for about IDR 15.000!
I think it's pretty cheap. (^~^)

The texture is a light lotion, easily absorbed into my skin and not sticky at all.
( ̄∀ ̄)

It smells very nice and sweet~ Agh sorry I couldn't describe about the scent very well, so I think you should try it yourself :P

Overall, I love this body lotion and I'll try the 'Yumi' and the 'Chiyo' one next time!

Love :
Affordable & easy to find in Indonesia.
Moisturize my skin very well.
Easily absorb to my skin & not sticky.
Smells so sweet, but not strong.
Cute packaging.

Hate :
Contains paraben.

Overall rating :4/5 :

A massive thank you for reading this post, girls! Have a lovely day ^^

See ya~


  1. Beli ditoko mana dear? :)

    1. aku beli di Guardian :) tapi aku juga pernah liat ada di Indomaret & Giant lho ^^

  2. I'm loving the HK packaging..super cute ^_~

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