Monday, August 20, 2012

DIY: Honey and Sugar Lip Scrub

Hello everyone!! ^^
My upper lip is darker than my lower lip and I really hate it!!
Do you have the same problem like me?
And honestly I've never bought a lip scrub before, until now!! (yeah, as long as I can make my own lip scrub) Because for me, it's just a waste of money. (≧д≦)
So, now I'll share to you about how to make your own natural lip scrub at home.
Of course it's super easy to do, and it's very very cheap because I bet you have these 2 ingredients at your kitchen. (^o^)/

Honey & Sugar

Sugar is wonderful natural exfoliant and it's great to use especially on sensitive lips because it's very gentle.
Honey is a great natural moisturizer, anti-bacterial, and a traditional method for healing chapped & dry lips.

So let's get started~ ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ


Put 1 tablespoon of sugar in a mixing plate/bowl.

Then, pour 1 1/2 tablespoons of honey.
For optional, you can also add a little of lemon/lime juice.

Mix mix mix~

Mix well until it forms a gritty paste. And you're done!

Place your lip scrub in any container that you have.
For example like me, I put mine in my lens case. Of course the lens case is newww!!
I don't really need it now, I bought it because I'm only interested in these pretty roses below lol (≧▽≦)

And fortunately, I can use the left case for my broken lipstick! Yay!!
It's very versatile, right? ^^


How to use this lip scrub?

Take it with a cotton swab (Q-tip) for hygienic purpose.
And apply a small amount of the lip scrub to your clean fingertip.

Rub into your lips gently in a circular motion for about 2 - 3 minutes.
Don't rub too hard!

Lol please skip the pic below~
It smells so good, so I tried to lick my lips and of course it tastes so good. But please don't try this at home because it would dry your lips.

After that, rinse off with warm water, or you can wipe off with a tissue.
But I prefer to rinse off with warm water, just do it before you take a bath in the morning.

And don't forget to apply your favorite lip balm to your lips.

Ugh sorry for different lighting in the pics above >_<


And as you can see in the pics below, this lip scrub could lighten my dark upper lip very well. But it couldn't heal my chapped lips only with a single use. So, please repeat once / twice a week.

And you can also apply some honey on your lips before you sleep every night to have a pretty pink lips and to moisturize your dry & chapped lips. (^ε^)
Hope this post helps you~

A massive thank you for reading this post, have a nice day girls! ^^

See ya~


  1. Thanks for sharing \(^o^)/ this is really useful, I have darker upper lips too, will try this soon ^^

  2. Yeah, hope it works on your lips too! ^^ Thanks for dropping by <3

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