Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: Lioele Perfect Soothing Essence Mask

Hello everyone~ I'm baaaaaaack! I got quite a long holiday and I'll go back to school on next 12th July. I love holiday!! Who doesn't? \(´▽`)/
And now I'm going to make a review about Lioele Perfect Soothing Essence Mask. Sorry for delaying this review, I forgot to upload the pictures lol. (^з^)v

When I was busy, I didn't have time to take care of my face. And I wanted to treat my tired & exhausted face, so I chose to use this mask sheet. (^~^)

What it claims :
Promotes skin metabolism & blood circulation thus help skin refresh and rejuvenate. Contains high concentration of witch hazel, chamomile, punica, granatum and ginkgo extract, so provide plentiful nutrition, moisture. Solution to your tired and exhausted skin.

As you can see from the picture above, the serum was a lot. I wonder how if I squeeze the mask to obtain the serum and pour them into a bottle? lol just kidding~ (≧▽≦)

And this is how I looks when I wore this mask! Err I know, it looks so messy, huh? This mask is slightly oversized on my face, so it's rather difficult when I wore this mask.(> Д <)

Well.. it felt so cold when I wore this mask and as usual, I fell asleep. Yup, I always fell asleep every time I wore any mask sheets. -__-

And oh, as you can see from the pictures above & below, they didn't remove the whole eye piece which is really good when you want to put the eye piece on to sooth your eyes, but if you don't want, it's very annoying (for me). (*´Д`)=з

Too bad! When I wore this mask, my camera ran out of battery! Geez, it pissed me off!! (≧д≦)
So I couldn't take a picture of the final result. I'm sorry, I'm so stupid! I tried to took a picture with my phone, but the picture's quality is so creepy, sorry ;__;

I bet you can't see the result from that picture only. (T▽T;)
Actually I can't really tell a difference here, my skin looks bright & glowy, feels smooth, and more hydrated. But honestly, I think the serum on this mask is thicker and stickier than another masks. When the excess serum is completely absorbed on my face, it still feels sticky, Idk what happened with this mask, seriously. (¬ _ ¬")
Althought this mask isn't wash off mask type, I still have to rinse my face after using this mask because I couldn't stand the sticky feeling that still left on my face. ∑(゚Д゚)

Love :
Make your skin brighter.
Didn't give me any breakouts. Cute packaging.
Nice scents.

Hate :They didn't remove the whole eye piece.
The serum on this mask is thicker & stickier than another masks.

Overall rating :2/5 :

So, have you tried this mask sheet?

Once again, this review is based on my own opinion, you may have any different opinion than me. But I hope this review helps you. ^^

Thanks for reading, see ya~


  1. thanks for sharing this review...too bad that the serum is thick and sticky. I am also not a fan of face mask that has sticky serum...

  2. You're welcome :)

    Yeahh, we have the same taste *high five XD

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