Friday, June 29, 2012

Beauty Tips: Hands and Feet Care x DIY Chocolate Home Treatment

Hello everyone. ^^
For today, let's talk about how to care your hands and feet in a simple way but with amazing results. ˘ʃƪ)
And I'll also share to you about DIY hands and foot chocolate spa at home. Why I chose chocolate? Because I love chocolate, it smells so yummy! And chocolate spa for the face and body is became very popular in Indonesia now. I'd like to try, but since my face is sensitive, I didn't dare to try it, but hey, why I didn't try it onto my hands and feet considering how great the benefits of chocolate for our skin? You might as well do it at home with very very affordable cost, so try this at home, it's super easy! o(^▽^)o

Before that, I WARN you, this post may be extremely long, but hope you enjoy~


So, we may always take care of our face every day, but sometimes we forget to take care of our hands and feet. Healthy and beautiful hands & feet are also very important for women because they can make a woman look even more beautiful. We can still do that from now on, if you are busy and didn't have time, it's ok, you don't need to take care of your hands & feet every day, but try at least 2 - 3 times a week. (*^o^*)


For me, one of the main thing is CLEANLINESS. You should wash your hands & feet when they're dirty, before you eat, before you apply make up, and before you do any activities, washing your hands & feet are very important.
Try to wash with liquid hand soap, it would be better if the soap contains antiseptic. And avoid soaps that contain a high detergent.


Try to SCRUB YOUR HANDS AND FEET at least once a week. Scrubs can remove the dead skin which builds up over time and to reveal the soft skin hidden underneath, so scrub is the perfect thing to use as exfoliate and repair dry skin.
And now I'll share to you how to make your own chocolate scrub at home. For scrub, actually you can use sugar / salt, whatever you want, but for this time I use sugar for my hands & foot scrub. It's so easy and simple to do. Let's get started~

Chocolate Hands & Foot Scrub

- 3 tbsp sugar
- 1 tbsp cocoa powder
- 1,5 tbsp olive oil
- 1 drop Vanilla Extract (optional)

How to make : Combine sugar and cocoa powder in a mixing bowl, add the olive oil slowly, and don't forget to drop the vanilla extract, stir and make sure everything is mixed well.

How to use : Grab a small handful of scrub and rub it on your hands and feet in circular motion for approximately 3 minutes, rinse off with running water and pat dry with a clean towel.

*Find the picture of this scrub below*

After exfoliation process, don't forget to moisturize your hands by applying hand cream.


Make time to MASSAGE YOUR HANDS AND FEET, at least once in 2 weeks if you're busy.
Massage can improve blood circulation and relieve stress. Your relaxation is required to make your hands and foot massage the most effective. Without that, you'll probably not find the results you want.

What you can do : After washing your hands, apply hand cream/lotion and gently massage it for approximately 5 minutes, and don't forget to enjoy it, you can also do it while listening to the music to be more relaxed.
Instead of using the hand cream, you can use massage oil that you can buy at the market or you can use the olive oil.


And make time to MASK YOUR HANDS too. Yeah, mask isn't only for your face. And you can also make a homemade mask for your hands.

Chocolate Hand Mask

- 3 tbsp oatmeal
- 1 tbsp cocoa powder
- 2 tbsp body lotion (I use Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow)
- 1 tbsp honey
- 1 tsp water

How to make : Put the oatmeal and cocoa powder in a mixing bowl, add the body lotion, honey and water. Stir well and make sure the mix starts looking like a paste.

How to use : Apply it on your hands, leave it for 10 - 15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.


At the same time when you wait for the mask in your hands dry, let's SOAK YOUR FEET with chocolate foot soak. The rich chocolate will definitely make you feel more relaxed.

Chocolate Foot Soak

- A large bucket of water (you can also use milk)
- 5 tbsp cocoa powder
- 4 tbsp oatmeal powder
- 4 tbsp salt

How to make : Pour water in a pan and warm it. Make sure the water is not too hot or too cold to touch. After that, pour them back into the bucket. Add cocoa powder, oatmeal and salt. Stir well.

How to use : Place a comfortable chair for yourself, and soak your feet and keep until it begins to cool down. After that, remove your feet and use a clean towel to dry your feet.

It's my mom's feet. I also take care of my mom's hand and feet with this chocolate treatment. As a busy housewife, she didn't have time to care her hands and feet. After that, she told me that her hands and feet feels softer and smoother. Yay! I did it!! (≧▽≦)

** These pampering treatments above is rich in anti-oxidants, and will leave even the roughest hands & feet feeling soft and smooth.


Talked about the hands and feet, of course we shouldn't forget about the nails as well. I'll also share some tips for HEALTHY AND STRONG NAILS to you. (^o^)

1. Avoid nail polish removers with acetone. Acetone can be drying your nails and your skin.

2. To moisturize your nails, you can apply petroleum jelly / olive oil onto your cuticles and the skin around your nails before you go to bed every night or whenever yor nails feel dry.

3. Always wear a rubber gloves whenever you do your houseworks. Washing dishes, washing clothes, gardening, scrubbing the bathroom, etc. For extra moisturizing, you can apply hand cream before you putting on the rubber gloves.

4. Eat boiled eggs and drink milk as often as possible. They're very useful to make your nails stronger.

5. Weak / break-prone nails? Use garlic! Yes, GARLIC!! Apply some finely chopped garlic onto your nails. I know it smells so bad but it'll strengthens your nails. I knew about this from my mum & from Michelle Phan lol. And I heard that it also helps your nails to grow faster.

6. If you want to whiten your nails (naturally), you can use lemon / baking soda / whitening toothpaste. But unfortunately, they can dry out your skin and nails, so make sure to apply hand cream and oil on your cuticles after completing this process.
But if you want to whiten your nails with unnatural way, so many beauty products are offered for this purpose, and there are a few products that can actually whiten without drying your nails and skin around your nails, for the example like Talika Instant Manicure. I'll review about that product as soon as I can, just stay tuned~


Well.. I hope some of my tips above will helps all of you. So let's start to taking care of our hands and feet from now on. ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ
Btw, if you also have another tips, you're very welcome if you want to share it to me, just leave a comment in the comments session below. Thanks a lot ^^

Thanks for reading, see ya in my next post~


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