Saturday, March 24, 2012

Recent Haul + Movies ♥

Hello everyone~ o(^▽^)o
Sorry it's been sooooo long since I last posted on this blog. (>╭╮<)

And now, I'm just going to post about what I've bought recently~
So many samples. Lol (≧∇≦)

  • Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream
  • Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream Samples (I'll give them to my friends)
  • Tony Moly Lip Tint in Cherry Pink
  • MBD Black Pearl Mask
  • Oriflame Pure Skin Scrub & Masks
  • Bavipphat Apple Peeling Gel Samples
  • Everline Hair Masks
  • Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum Sample
  • Lioele 3D Skin Fix Makeup Base Sample
  • Pink Striped Powder Puff / Face sponge
  • Pink Floral Lens Case

Btw, I watched 2 movies this week. (˘˘ʃƪ)
First, I watched 'The Woman In Black' on last Tuesday.

Mehh~ Idk why I decided to watch this movie -_- Honestly, I was a super timid girl. And yeah I was screaming so often, of course. So embarrassing. ( ́_̀ ) Well.. in my opinion, it's such a good movie but not the best, because unfortunately I didn't like the ending of the movie. (¬ _ ¬")

And on Friday, I watched 'The Hunger Games'!!! (^ε^)

So many people talked about this movie, and they said that the book is more better than the movie. Ahh I'm too lazy to read the book like that haha. (⌒ヮ⌒)
Actually I didn't know about The Hunger Games before Taylor Swift released 2 songs (Safe and Sound & Eyes Open) for the soundtrack of this movie. (*^o^*)
Well.. I think people in the Capitol are so weird and reminds me of Willy Wonka from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Lol. (^O^)
But yeah I admit that it's such an exciting movie! So awesome!! ♥
I wish I could have a good, brave and ingenious personality like Katniss. Lol. (^∇^)

I just found Katniss Everdeen's hair tutorial on Youtube from Bebexo. I'm so in love with that hairstyle, so it's okay that I'm shared her video here to all of you. Enjoy~

Well.. That's all for today. (>д<)
I'll definitely post and reviews about them as soon as possible. Just wait ♥

See ya, my fluffy strawberry marshmallow~


  1. aaah, can't wait to read your review of that stuffs. Especially for the BB cream because I'm a newbie on using BB cream as well..

    and omg, you watch 'the woman in black'? I heard so many people had watched it and it make I want to watch it too. I want to prove how scary it was.


    1. Ahh thank you dear :) Actually I've reviewed about that BB cream -> here <-

      Yeah you should watch it too ;) It wasn't really scary actually, but that movie will surprise you & make you shock lol XD

  2. I want that bb cream! lol
    I saw the Woman in Black and thought the ending was okay. It sucks that they die to be with their mother/wife.. I mean he was in pain still from her death since the birth of his son so I guess it was the way to go to a happy ending lol

    1. I wish I could give you one :[
      Yeah I know, but I'm a little disappointed when I knew that they died, it's so sweet that they finally can be together again in another life, but actually I still thought and hoped that they were still alive *like a miracle lol*, but then the lights turn on in the cinema, I was like.. ewww what kind of ending was that?! omg finally they were really dead!! o_O
      I had a weird taste of the movies lol :D

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  4. Loving your haul~ >u<

    I have yet to watch either movies (both are on my list of 'to watch' movies though~ ) c:

    1. Thank you so much ;)

      You should watch both of them as soon as possible dear, you will not regret it :3

  5. I haven't watch both of them :] I don't think I'm brave enough to watch Women In Black since most of my friends told it was scary Lol.
    Nice post anyway^^

    1. Ahh you should watch them, esp. The Hunger Games :D
      Yes, and I warn you if you have a weak heart, you shouldn't watch that movie lol :P

      Thanks :))

  6. aaaaah embaakk ceritain the hunger gamenyaahh T___T

    1. okay siip, tak ceritain lewat twitter aja yaa dek :D
      pokoknya, intinya bagus bangeeeet titik gak pake koma *lebay* wkwk :P

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