Sunday, November 6, 2011

Recent Haul ♥

Hello everyone~
Sorry I didn't post anything lately (Oh actually I've post some giveaways that I joined, and random+unimportant blog posts like questions,etc) haha #peace.
Forgive me, I can't tell you the reasons about that :(
And today my mum and I went to Royal Plaza, and now I want to quickly show you what I purchased from there. Sorry for bad photos quality.

Plaid Shirt ~IDR 75.000~
I'm in love at the first sight when I saw that shirt, idk why. But it's pretty cool and very affordable, so I bought it haha.


Flower Headband ~IDR 15.000~
That fabric's pattern is floral. Omfg it's supeeeeeer cute!!! I love it ♥

Cute Hair Ties ~@ IDR 2.500~
Idk actually what this hair ties called? Now it's a trend in my school, almost every girls in my school wear it. And that price is very very cheaaap!

Maybelline Lip Smooth Color & Care (Strawberry) ~IDR 22.000~
It smells so yummy~ I promise I'll make a review about this tinted lip balm as soon as possible. Just wait ;)

Johnson's Baby Cologne (Fresh Blossoms) ~IDR 18.000~
Umm okay I know I know, actually it's for babies and I really know that I'm not a baby anymore. But why I still use some baby's products like cologne and lotion? Well.. It smells really nice and fresh like heaven scent lol. And it's alcohol free!! Haha

Cute Plastic Fan ~IDR 5.000~
Oh well.. Actually 2 years ago I had the exact same plastic fan with that, my best friend gave it to me but unfortunately last year my classmate broke that, he wasn't responsible and he didn't replace it. Although it's so cheap and I didn't buy it with my own money but it was a gift from my old best friend and I couldn't see her again! Errr.. I was very upset every time I remember that incident >,<

And lastly..
Ice popsicles from Wall's and
cooperated with Buavita.
~@ IDR.5000~
I bought the strawberry and the red grape one. I'll try the kiwi one soon!
It's so yummy!! :)

See ya~


  1. I like the 1st photo of the shirt! :)

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