Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wishtrend Wishlist ♥

Hello everyone!

Have you ever heard of WishTrend? Actually I have introduced WishTrend on my blog 2 years ago, just click HERE if you want to read it. And I am pretty sure most of you guys have already heard about WishTrend, right? It is a beauty online store based in Seoul - that sells a large variety of products from Korean beauty brands, such as skincare, makeup, hair & body care, beauty tools, and even male products.

And today I am going to show you some of my WishTrend wishlist, so keep reading~!

This honey mask contains 38.7% of real honey inside. I am interested to try it because my skin is so dry lately ugh. I have read so many compliments and good reviews about this mask, and I also have watched Eunice's video on WishTrendTV a few months ago about this mask (click HERE to watch the video) and it is very tempting.

Psst.. this product is now on sale (25% off)!
And if you buy 2 jars of this mask, you will get a free silicon brush!

I am so curious to try this unique lip tattoo pack, because it is becoming a trend in Indonesia. I think it sounds very promising as they claim that it last on the lips for 12 hours! They also come in 8 different colors.
This product is on sale (50.03% off!) - and you can buy it only for $7.99!

I really need a pore brush to deep cleansing my face, which helps to remove my blackheads and dead skin cells. And this product seems to be a perfect pore brush for my sensitive skin, because it is also hypo-allergenic - made with extra fine bristles.


Discount codes :
  • If you do not have a WishTrend accound, register HERE and use my promo code 185512504 to receive a $5 coupon for your first purchase!
  • Use the code "WISHAPR2015" to get 10% off for order over $55! (Only valid until the end of April 2015)
  • Use the code "WISHGIFTAPR2015" to receive 1 ElishaCoy Vitamin Collagen Sheet Mask on any order! (Only valid until the end of April 2015)


So do not forget to check out their website - and if you do, please share and let me know the products that you would like to try! ^^

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day~

See ya~ 


  1. I really need a pore brush, too.... >_>

  2. Nice wishlist~!

  3. I own TOSOWOONG's Embossing Pore Brush, and let me tell you----get it! You will not regret it. Besides how nice and sleek this brush looks, it FEELS so soft and gentle on your skin when you use it. It literally feels like someone is washing your face with a very silky cream. Ah!! This brush is so awesome. I have used it twice so far (because it just arrived in the mail this Wednesday) and I use it with TOSOWOONG's MOISTURE Soap (not the MONSTER Soap one). Very nice. GET THIS BRUSH! (Laugh) ^=^

  4. Oh, and that Honey Mask looks like an absolute dream! I may have to try that one myself. :-)

  5. you have a great site.
    have you subscribed to, and maybe you fancy a F4F? =)