Monday, December 22, 2014

Review: Etude House Silk Scarf Damage 2x

Hi everyone! It is been quite a while since my last review, right? Well, reviewing beauty products is one of the biggest challenges for me.. because it requires time, loyalty and honesty. Oh I mean, you can not review a product just after you use it only for once or twice, unless it is a first impression post. I did not want to lie to all of you and to myself as well, that is why I could not post any reviews lately. But no need to worry, because now I am spending my long holiday to working on a lot of product reviews that I have tried over these past few months when I was busy with my college stuff. And now let's start with the most simple one, which is a two-step hair treatment from Etude House!

Phew, sorry for the long prologue. LOL.

Okay so let's jump right into the review~

To be honest, the main reason why I bought this Etude House Silk Scarf Damage 2x is because of its price LOL. It is seriously so cheap, only for KRW 950! That is why I bought three sachets in the same variant, and I decided to share this review after I have tried the three of them.

This two-step hair treatment is available in four variants for different levels of hair damage :
Level 1 - Camellia Seed
Level 2 - Jojoba Seed
Level 3 - Argan Seed
Level 4 - Avocado Seed
And as you can see, I bought the Camellia Seed one. Umm actually my hair used to be very dry and damaged, but after I did a proper hair treatment routinely for almost a year, my hair is in so much better condition now. That is why the level 1 is more than enough to treat my hair. Oh by the way, should I share about my current hair care routine on this blog? Please let me know in the comment section below ^^

Each of these sachets consists of two steps, hair pack and hair serum. The consistency of the hair pack is exactly same like other hair mask from different brands, while the consistency of the hair serum is a little thicker than the regular hair serum, but it is still quite runny.

Both of them have the same floral scent, with a little hint of some kind of herbs(?).
But the hair serum smells a little more intense than the the hair pack one.

The amount in both sachets is supposed to be enough for one treatment (hair pack 12 ml & hair serum 8 ml). But unfortunately the amount of the hair pack is not too much for my hair, probably because my hair is too long and thick.. While the amount of the serum is way too much, I think I can use it for two to three times usage.

I applied the hair pack after I shampooed my hair, and I let it sit for about five minutes then rinsed it out thoroughly with lukewarm water. And I applied the hair serum on my wet hair, and fortunately it does not feel sticky at all.

After that, my hair was easy to comb, more tamed, shinier, and smoother than it was before. And my hair also smells nice, but sadly the scent only lasted for a day.

Well.. since it is only for one use, so there is no chance of overuse. It is also very practical and travel-friendly, so I will definitely bring this product when I am travelling!

But overall.. it is not the best hair treatment that I have ever tried before, but it did pretty good for its affordable price la. And if you are still curious to try it, I think it never hurts to try something once, eh? ^^

So, have you tried this product before?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day~

See ya~ 


  1. I would love to hear about your routine! I would also like to try this (probably level 3 or 4 for me); I could see a bit of improvement in the 'after' picture!

  2. I honestly dont see a big result but i agree that its not possible to see any results after one time use anyway T_T I never tried this product before but i feel like there are better products out there like kao hair mask >.< ♥ Thanks for the review though~

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