Sunday, October 12, 2014

Event: Miracle feat Make Over - Beauty Talks About Beauty

Hello everyone~
Today I am going to share about a super-late event report to all of you! Ugh okay I know I know, it turns out that I am the last Blogger to post about this event report, eh? Duh sorry, I feel so guilty now. But I hope you guys still understand that I just finished my mid-term exams yesterday.. so I really did not mean to be late, trust me! T___T
So yeah, I was invited to join a beauty event on Saturday - 27th September 2014, presented by Miracle Aesthetic Clinic Indonesia and Make Over Indonesia, and the theme of this event is 'Beauty Talks About Beauty'.

This event was held at iM Music Studio - Center Stage Resto & Lounge Surabaya, and the dress code for this event is Beauty Chic in green and white.
The thing I love the most about this event is that we were allowed to invite 5 followers / friends to come with us yay! So I invited 5 of my college friends, but unfortunately one of my friends was unable to attend this event, so at the end I only came with 4 of my friends.

This event started with a beauty discussion about beauty facts and myths. So, they gave every participants a 'fact or myth' signage and there were 10 statements about beauty and health on the slide, and the only thing that we should do was just raise up the signage to show our opinion, then doctor Nunin from Miracle Aesthetic Clinic and miss Mutiara from Make Over would answer which one was fact or myth.

Overall.. this session was fun and not boring, and I also got some new knowledge from this 'fact or myth' session. And oh, Miracle also generously gave 3 goodie bags for the most active participants in this session. Yay congrats to all of you~!

And the event continued with Miracle Blog Award. To be honest, I have no idea what it is all about and I did not expect that I would be one of the winners. But surpringly, I won the 2nd place of the best Beauty Blogger partner OMG! Thank you so much Miracle Aesthetic Clinic *cries happily*.

I was very grateful and happy because I got a new achievement from this event. And it was such an honor for me to have received this incredible award from Miracle ^^

1st winner : Ce Yennyca (
2nd winner : Lala (
3rd winner : Ce Shelvi (

Best participant : Ce Mindy (

Break time~! Omnomnom~~

And here is the venue of this event~ ^^

Uh-oh, there was also a Make Over's mini booth inside the venue~
Umm I personally love some of their makeup products, because of their good quality and the most important thing is because they are affordable LOL.

After that, the event continued with a beauty class from Make Over~

Make Over provide some of their makeup products on our table, but unfortunately the staff only gave us 2 mirrors on our table meh. Well.. since I came with a full makeup on, that is why I was too lazy to remove my makeup, so I only did a touch-up, and I decided to play and swatch their makeup products~

Umm to be honest, I did not pay any attention to the makeup artist on the stage - as well as my friends.. and most of the participants (from what I have seen). In my opinion, the lighting on the stage was very bad, due to the red lighting. That is why we could not see the model's face clearly ugh! >__<

My college friends - Fanny, Novi, and Jessica were busy doing their makeup kkk~

And oh, Jessica also won the Best Dress! Wohoo congrats~ I always love her fashion style ^^

And yeah of course we took a lot of selcas, so I hope you do not mind to see our crazy selcas LOL.

With my college friends~

From left to right : Flo, Jessica, me, Novi, and Fanny.

With my fellow Beauty Bloggers~

From left to right :
ce Pauline, ce Mindy, Jessica, me, ce Shelvi, ce Shasha, ce Yennyca, and ce Widya.


And we also got a goodie bag from Miracle Aesthetic Clinic and Make Over~

  • Miracle magazine.
  • Miracle Room Fragrance in Green Tea & Lily.
  • Miracle notebook.

  • Make Over Eyeliner Pencil in Glam Gold.
  • Make Over Trivia Eyeshadow Palette in Black Goddiva.
  • Voucher IDR. 50.000

And these are the prizes that I won from Miracle Blog Award~
  • Miracle Foaming Cleanser.
  • Miracle Skin Solution.
  • Miracle Lashregro.
  • Miracle CC Cream.
  • Voucher IDR. 1.000.000

I can not wait to use the voucher for a facial treatment as soon as possible, after those exams I seriously need to take care of my skin ugh! And I will try all the products one by one and review them on my blog, so please stay tuned~ Psst, just let me know which one do you want me to review first in the comment section below! ^^

A massive thank you to Miracle Aesthetic Clinic and Make Over ♥

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day ^^

See ya~ 


  1. gpp la telat, yg penting UTS selesai dulu XD hehe
    congrats (again) for your achievement <3

  2. Congrats! ^^
    Um, may I ask you a question? If you apply a make up foundation (and in my case it's Etude House Foundation Precious Mineral Any Cushion), do you still need to apply compact powder? I'm sorry if my question rather silly but I don't understand make up at all. >< Thank you very much if you answer my question, and once again congratulations! ^^

    1. Thanks a lot, and sorry for my late reply >_<
      Umm.. I usually apply a little bit of powder to set the foundation / BB cream on my face, and it also helps to make my face look less shiny - since I have oily skin. But you can also skip the powder if you want ^^ Hope this helps~

  3. Wow. The event looks so fun. Congrats for the award! :)


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