Friday, August 29, 2014

Update: Busy Life

Hello everyone! How is your life? Did anyone miss me? LOL.

Duh I am really sorry for being MIA this month, but finally here I am with some free time to sit down in front of my laptop. Phew. F I N A L L Y. I miss blogging so much!
Umm well.. now I am back from full hiatus to semi hiatus, and I will start to update this blog again with beauty-related posts as soon as possible - maybe next week. So today I am just going to post something more personal, which I rarely did - about my current daily life and the reason why I have been MIA lately. So yeah this is a non-beauty related post.. If you are not interested in my personal life, just feel free to skip this post and close this tab now ^^

Well.. some of you might already know that I am in my freshmen year of college now. Actually I have graduated from high school last year, but I decided to take a break for a year. And yeah I do not regret it at all, even if there is a second chance for me to go back in time to last year, I would still take the same decision, because I got a chance to be much closer to my parents, and yes I have an unforgettable memory during the year!

Uh-oh to be honest, I did not really plan to upload these silly pictures on this blog, but yeah I hope you do not mind LOL. Okay let's back to the point, so the first reason why I have been MIA is because of the orientation week (for about 9 days), I was super duper tired and I did not even have any time to check my own phone ugh, so yeah it was very tiring yet fun at the same time, and I already miss those moments now! :')

And we were not allowed to dye our hairs during the orientation, otherwise I would walk around with a shower cap on my head all day long meh! That is why I decided to re-dye my hair darker with L'Oreal Paris Excellence Cream in Natural Dark Brown #4 which looks super duper black on my hair, even after 3 weeks ugh! >__<

And I really hate my black hair, because I think my skin looks very dull with my dark hair, so I decided to re-dye my hair (again) 3 days after the orientation was over haha. I was using L'Oreal Matrix in Blonde without bleaching, that is why my hair color turned out kinda weird because it was orangey LOL.

But after a week, I am starting to love my new hair color, because as you can see.. it becomes brighter now kkk~ But I really hate the moment when some of my new friends hardly recognize me because of my new hair color, and I have to greet them first meh -___-

And now I am very busy with a new chapter of my life - college. I have to adapt first, I should also be able to manage my time very well, and it takes time la.. at least 1 semester.
Tasks are very important and I will give them a higher priority for now. Umm oh my social life is also important, and I have to make as many new friends as possible! So.. for the time being, I will try my best to update this blog at least once a week - on weekends, holidays, or whenever I have free time, and I really hope you guys will understand. Thank you so much!

So here is the bonus picture of my amateur works! My major is Visual Communication Design, and drawing is the main subject for the first semester, that is why pencils and brushes are my soulmates now LOL. 

By the way, do you have any tips to help me manage the time as a freshmen? I would be very happy if you want to share it with me in the comment section below. Thank you ^^

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day, my girls~

See ya~ 


  1. I missed you! Your hair looks great!! That color really suits you. ^_^ Good luck with college!!

  2. welcome to the dkv life, lol
    dkv enak sih ga ada itungan tapi kadang susahnya sebanding sama sama ngerjain mtk :') semester 1-3 masih annoy bgt matkul prakteknya, haha
    dari pengalaman aku selain berusaha deket sama temen baru, kalau bisa deketin juga dosen2 yg kira2 asik diajak gaul :)

  3. setelah ini bakal lbh sibuk lg laa.. apalagi kalo matkulnya uda mulai aneh2 dan banyak project XD
    asik bangett kuliahh :3 *pengen jadi maba lagi rasae

  4. I also had less free time when I was a freshmen at university (I'm a senior right now, so old, hah XD")

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