Friday, June 20, 2014

Review: Mesh Hidden Eyelid Tape

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share my review about a new type of double eyelid tape, which is very unique and quite popular among Asian girls lately. This eyelid tape is made from a kind of mesh material, and yeah I have never tried something like this before.

Actually this double eyelid tape is available in 2 editions.. Mild and Professional, which the price difference is only about $3. And to be honest, I do not know the difference between the two because they look almost the same for me lol, but I decided to choose the Professional one at the end~

So, it comes with 10 sheets of eyelid tape (fishnet type) and a small bottle of glue.
There are 12 pairs of eyelid tapes on each sheet, so you will get 120 pairs of eyelid tapes!

As you can see, these eyelid nets are already shaped on the transparent card..
They are very thin and not sticky at all! And you may want to cut them to fit on your eyelids, because they are a little bit too wide for me. While the glue is very sticky,
and it has a super strong scent, which I did not like ugh!

How to use them :
  • Take the eyelid nets from the transparent card, and cut them to fit on your eyelids.
  • Coat them evenly with the glue. A thin layer of the glue is more than enough!
  • Place them directly on your eyelids, and adjust the position quickly before the glue dries out.
  • Close your eyes and wait until the glue is completely dry.
  • Use an eye & lip makeup remover to remove them.

And you can also re-use them up to 2 times if you remove them carefully.
But umm I personally prefer to throw them right away lol.

Well.. actually I used to have single eyelids, but sadly my eyelids are so uneven now!
Err my left eyelid was being forced to be a double eyelid naturally lol - because of a scar caused by a stye that I got last year duh! >__<

Actually I have tried a lot of eyelid tapes and eyelid glues from different brands before, and I was not very satisfied with the results, but yeah I have to admit that this one does a good job, although it was quite hard for me to apply them at first, but practice always makes perfect~

They last all day long on my eyelids, and the result is very natural because they are super thin and not shiny. Oh, you still can see the fishnet pattern if you look closer, but do not worry.. it looks invisible from far away kkk~ And I think it is way much better if you apply these eyelid nets after you do your eye-makeup ^^

 If you are interested to try these eyelid tapes, you can PURCHASE HERE for $19.80!

And don't forget to use my code 'adekumalaputri' to get 10% discount for all items!! (Valid until January 31st 2015)

So, are you an eyelid tape user? And have you ever tried this kind of eyelid tape before?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day, girls ^^

See ya~ 


  1. This is such an interesting product. Certainly not what I expected. Awesome review. ^_^

  2. you have double eyelid.I think this product just for someone(?) who have one eyelid '-'?

    1. Oh actually my eyelids are uneven! Sometimes I have single eyelids, then sometimes I have double eyelids >< But yeah this product really helps to create double eyelids ^^

  3. Scoth matanya unik banget la.. Dapet lemnya. Trus sengaja ukurannya besar agar kita bisa gunting sendiri sesuai dengan ukuran kelopak mata. Ngomong-ngomong, jika pake eye makeup, apakah eyeshdownya nempel dengan sempurna?
    Kadang ada beberapa scoth mata, bbikin eyeshdownya tidak nempel sempurna

    1. Iya ini bisa dipasang sebelum pake eye makeup kok, tapi emang lebih baik lagi kalo pasangnya setelah selesai pake eye-makeup sih ^^

  4. kayak ngeganjel gitu gak sih? aku belum pernah nyoba kayak ginian soalnya mataku double eyelid. hehee :D

    1. Wah enaknya punya double eyelids >w< hihi kalo menurutku sih biasa aja kok, rasanya sama kayak pake eyelid tape biasa ^^

  5. Great review!
    thank you for this nice presentation!
    have a fab weekend!

  6. Jadi pengen coba pake eyelid sticker kayak ini, gak noticeable ya hasilnya bagus :D


  7. I don't use eye tapes because I already have really huge double eyelids (they're even bothering me because they're that big ;__;) I really wish they'd be smaller T T But they look awesome on you <3 And thanks for this review

  8. smokey eyesnya cakep banget Laaaa *.*
    aku ga pnh bs pake eyelid tape pdhl pengen hiks :(

  9. aku ada ini tp gabisa2 pakenya laa >,< jd aneh~
    btw suka eye makeupnya <3

  10. oo the packaging is so fancy and cute! ^___^ I'm definitely going to try out this eyelid tape too

  11. Aku aku, udah pakai eyelid tape sejak tahun 2005 apa ya... Lupa XD Aku sebenarnya monolid, sipit banget, terus ditelatenin pakai eyelid tape, mulai dari yang gede ampe yang kecil, lem-lem eyelid gitu yang lagi booming dari tetangga sebelah juga udah di coba. Asal rajin, eyelidnya nanti terbentuk bagus lho, ASAL RAJIN YA XDDD~ Belum pernah coba yang merek ini. Jepun kan ini ya? Kalau ada duit aku mau beli deh >___< Keliatannya dipakein make up pun bagus ya, gak gitu ketara maksudnya...

  12. i never knew eyelid tape can be used for several times with the glue.
    such a interesting post. thank you pretty :)

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  13. this is my first time i came across with this product and it's sounds cool but i don't think it sold at my country though ^n^

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